Fueling the College Park Rumor Mill

One of the advantages to running a blog is that you can throw caution and standard journalism practices to the wind and basically publish whatever you care to. While we usually avoid doing this, every once in awhile we like to clue in our readers on some of the rumors going on around town about projects in the very initial throes of planning. This is one of those times. According to this month’s University Park Newsletter (Page 8), preliminary plans are underway to create a major “new urbanist” residential community and possibly a Whole Foods on the (wooded) 40-acre Cafritz Property just south of the College Park city limits. It should be pointed out that construction of a Whole Foods on this property has major implications for UMD’s East Campus Development which is widely expected to contain some kind of grocery store.

Redevelopment of the Cafritz property could also be incorporated into the proposed Trolley Trail Extension since the trail right-of-way runs directly adjacent to the property.