Rt.1 Sector Plan Update: December Charettes, Boundary Amendment Decisions

At the end of October, the County Council authorized a new Route 1 Sector Plan update and planning process.  The update rescinded a previously proposed, controversial, southern amendment of area to add to the sector.  The amendment would have included Rt.1-fronting properties and the Cafritz Property.  The Sector Plan is a document of policies and recommendations to guide development, public amenities, and transportation within the sector’s defined boundaries.

Community charettes will be held in early December (see calander along top left column of this page, or MNCPPC website).  They will be the premier forum for affected residents and business owners to air opinions to planners and politicians.

The old plan (left) included the proposed southern amendment Rt.1-fronting residential properties from Pineway and Carleton Terrace south to East-West Hwy., as well as the Cafritz Property.  The updated plan (right) took out that southern amendment.  The proposed northern amendment of areas including Ikea, Cherry Hill Rd., and parts of the Hollywood neighborhood was kept.

State Highway Administration [SHA] financing for many improvements the Sector Plan recommendations (bus slips, sidewalks, bike lanes) is now shrouded in doubt.

Purple Line Event on Campus Wednesday

After attending the Rally to Improve Route 1 Wednesday morning you might as well head over to campus at lunch for a Purple Line event held by Maryland Secretary of Transportation, John Porcari and other campus leaders. This will be an overview of the project and a chance to make your voice heard. The presentation is 12:30-1:30pm at the multi-purpose room in the Nyumburu Cultural Center.

Rally to Improve Route 1 on November 12.

Route 1 in CPOur beloved Route 1. Its not the ICC but its improvement is important to  College Park and the entire area. The District 21 Delegation is staging a rally on November 15th at 9am at the State Highway Administration Building, 9300 Kenilworth Ave., Greenbelt. 

Get out there and let them know you want our funding restored. We surely can do better than the picture on the left. HERE is a flyer about the event suitable for plastering all over your workplace. 

For more infor contact Delegate Peña-Melnyk’s office: (301) 858-3502; or Mary Lehman, Legislative Aide, (301) 538-0436; Joseline.pena.melnyk@house.state.md.us

Starview to be Expanded


The DIAMONDBACK is reporting that the City Council approved plans to expand the Starview project to add another story. This will increase the project by 105 beds. Groundbreaking should be within 30 days. The change was requested when the builders determined the structure could support another story. The maximum height was supposed to be 5. Then the district council approved six. Now they are planning a seventh? Who is building this thing Donald Trump?