New Table Shows All Local Projects

With Help from Chris Warren we’ve put together a nice table showing all the local projects. We will be updating this table to add links to map locations and other goodies as time allows.

In the meantime here is a sample.

[table id=8 /]

You can get to the full table from the latest entry in our Library pages called Area Projects by the numbers.

Blueprint America on PBS

I caught a fascinating show on PBS last night called Blueprint America: Road to the Future. The show detailed the attempts by some cities to rethink transit options from the car centric culture toward more sustainable options. The entire episode (and others) are available for viewing online and well worth checking out. In the recent forum on transportation priorities for Maryland James Corless from Transportation for America discussed the golden oppurtunity we have in the next 12 months to re-shape our transportation priorities. Congress sets the country’s tranportation priorities every six years and the gathering consensus from this show is that America is ready to go into a new direction.

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Campus Plan calls for installation of Bike Box

Yeah that is great. What is a Bike Box?

No, not this kind of box.
No, not this kind of box.

The newly released campus bike plan calls for the installation of several “Bike Boxes” at busy intersections such as Campus Drive and Preinkert Drive. Well the folks at Street Films have a great little video to fill you in on the details. See below the fold for the video.

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Purple Line takes priority over other Md. Road Projects

Purple Line Route Detail

The Post is reporting today that other road projects are taking a back seat to the Purple Line. Money that would have been used to widen other roads will instead be allocated to the Purple Line.

Maryland officials laid out their Purple Line plans — particularly how they intend to pay for the line — as part of the pitch they will make before the regional planning board today requesting that the project be included in its 20-year funding plan.

Another interesting tidbit is that the state documents refer to the Purple Line as light-rail only and make no mention of the bus  rapid transit option. So hopefully that controversy has been put to bed.

Md. Road Projects Lose Out to Purple Line as Costs Rise –

Campus Bicycle Study Released


Since it is Bike To Work day it might be a great time to download and read The Campus Bike Study we posted about a few weeks ago. The Department of Transportation Services and the University of Maryland Bicycle Advisory Group solicited the study from the Toole Design Group, LLC based out of Hyattsville. Continue reading Campus Bicycle Study Released

Film shows Light Rail Potential for College Park

This is a great little film from StreetFilms detailing Seattle’s South Lake Union Streetcar. Since there really is not anything new to report on the Purple Line front take a peek at this movie and just picture what it could mean for College Park.

This system surpassed ridership projections in its first year. I’m sure the Purple Line will have the same result.

Friday is Bike To Work Day

btwd_logo_2009_600Come on, get out of your gas guzzler, strap on a helmet, pump up those dry rotted tires on your huffy and Bike into work tomorrow.  All the cool kids are doing it! There will be Free T-shirts and goodies at the College Park Pit Stop located at City Hall. (6:30am to 8:30am) Contact Elisa Vitale at 301.277.3445 or for more information.

For more pit stops and event information, visit

City Council Says Oui to University View Part Trois

Full build out
The building at the far right is University View III

The Diamondback reports that the City Council gave a thumbs up to View III. The completion of the University View trifecta will begin at the end of next summer.  This will bring an additional 992 beds and 19,000 square feet of retail space.  By my estimate all three building provide in the neighborhood of 2600 beds for students just steps away from the main entrance to campus.

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