Steve Francis potential investor in Sante Fe.

"BooYaa! Game over its $1 Bud night at the Fe!"

Stevie Fanchise might actually become a franshise. The Diamondback reports that the one-time Maryland Basketball star could trade dunking the “rock” to dunking buffalo wings to become a partner with current ‘Fe owners. 

The long-time Terp hangout will undergo extensive renovations this summer.

In the meantime, Srour said Santa Fe will be closing May 24 for renovations and hopes to open up the ground floor by the beginning of the fall semester but is unsure if construction will be completed.

“Santa Fe needs a nice facelift,” he said. “It’s a building that’s many years old.”

Srour said he wants to make Santa Fe more like the 9:30 club in Washington.”We are going to promote more of a band venue,” he said.

Srour said the bar in the center of the building will be removed and he plans to finally acquiesce to city demands and install a sprinkler system.

“We’re going to be changing the name and changing everything,” he said, adding the bar’s upper level will be turned into a “more trendy lounge [area].”

There have been other rumors of former Terp stars becoming investors in the past such Danny White and Shawne Merriman with no results. So we’ll see what pans out here.

Site Maintenance

Tonight we completed some behind-the-scenes updates to Rethink College Park, including an update to the blog software. In addition to the upgrade, with the help from former contributor Eric Fidler and friend of the site Pat O’Brien (Thank you!), we were able to resurrect all of the comments lost to a database error in October 2008. So all comments from July 2006 to the present are now working properly — some 1,732 in all.

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Post to Abandon College Park Printing Plant

The DIAMONDBACK reported back in November that the Washington Post is closing its College Park printing plant sometime before June 2010. This will result in a $272,000 loss in tax revenue for the city. What does this have to do with the new Kindle DX? Probably nothing. But it does show how newspapers are struggling right now trying to figure out their rightful place in the digital world.

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94th Aero Squadron is Closed (UPDATED)

94th Aero Squadron is now closed due to water damage sustained back in February.

For those of you that do not know the 94th has been in College Park for many years. It is located at 5240 Paint Branch Pkwy (see map below the break) and it filled a need in the area for a “table cloth” style place to eat. The 94th is officially on property owned by the M-NCPPC and has a long term lease agreement. The restaurant itself if run by a company called Specialty Restaurants Corporation based out of Anaheim CA.

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Campus To Become More Bike-Friendly.

You see anyplace for a bike? I've lost track of how many times I've been squeezed into that curb going to work or a game. Where is the love for our carbon-free friends?

The Campus Department of Transportation solicited a eight month study to determine the best way to improve bike ridership on campus. This Gazette Article reports the details.

A university survey found that 5 percent of respondents rode their bikes on campus. J. David Allen, director of the university’s Department of Transportation Services, said he’d like to get that number up to 9 percent.

The campaign would address the many obstacles — too few curb ramps and marked bike lanes, narrow trails and a lack of parking — that hinder on-campus riders.

“There are these little things that will discourage people from biking,” Allen said. “We want to eliminate as many of these things as possible.”

I can tell you from years of personal experience that UMCP is certainly not the most bike-friendly campus and DOTS should be applauded for taking steps to improve. 9 percent is still a dismal number but it is a step in the right direction.

Another contributor to RTCP says.

“I think you’re not casting your net wide enough,” said Councilman Robert Catlin (Dist. 2).

Preach on Brother Bob, preach on.