Kudos to the College Park Airshow

[flickr float=”left”]3871276398[/flickr]Nothing major to report here other than to say the AirFair held yesterday was wonderful. I’ve heard that this was very difficult to plan due to FCC FAA regulations so it probably will not become a annual thing. This is to bad because the College Park Air show is one of my favorite local things to do.

From the Forum… Purple Line “will destroy the nature of campus life”

In the recent Purple line post reader Cornelius Davies writes..

As a graduate of the University of Maryland, I am upset to see the Purple Rail routed through the heart of the campus. It will destroy the nature of campus life. It will be ugly. It may be good for the developers but bad for the school. When you allow the rail to be built on campus you will loser my support as an alumni. It forever change the wonderful institution I have been so proud to call mine.
Many parts of the proposed Purple Rail route are poorly planned. The campus route is about the worst.
Maps showing it as a part of the Metro system are misleading. It is not. It is also misleading to refer to it as the Purple “Line”.  The university could well be served by light rail…. But not through the center of the campus.

As a response for RTCP Colin Phillips writes..

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The Real Ledo’s is Coming

Future home of Ledo Restaurant

At the opening ceromony yesterday for the new downtown parking garage amid the usual pomp and circumstance a big announcement was made regarding the 5800 square feet of ground floor retail.

ledologo2The original Ledo’s will be moving from their long time location in Adelphi to downtown College Park. This is the mothership of all Ledo’s pizza places. The franchise location you see all over were born from this one location. I do not know the full history but I do know there was a split and the Ledo Franchise is NOT the same thing as the original Tommy Marcos resaurant. All I know is those awesome square boxes of joy are coming to downtown college park.  This is just the kind of local business we are dying to have. And did I mention there will be plenty of places to park?

Where is the Development in Prince George’s County?

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According to this diagram created by Metro its not in Prince George’s County. A good post from Greater Greater Washington points out that this map from metro shows a distinct lack of development near metro stations in Prince George’s County.

The most visually evident conclusion: Prince George’s County is completely failing to take advantage of its existing Metro infrastructure.

About the only area in our county to show a increase in development near metro is College Park. So kudos to us. It is befuddling however how we can have a metro station for over twenty years and still be waiting on the bulk of the development to take place nearby.

Of course there are also success stories like this one from the Post detailing new apartments in Hyattsville right next to Metro.

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