Meeting UMD’s Bicycle Potential in Tight Fiscal Times

UMCP Campus Bike Plan Improvement Recommendations
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It was with much fanfare that the University’s consultant Toole Design Group, LLC released its Campus Bicycle Plan (RTCP Summary HERE) in April of this year. The report offers a detailed 3-year infrastructure implementation plan estimated to cost over $1.1 million. Given the fiscal straights the State and the University find themselves in at the moment, UMD is pursuing the recommendations on only a limited basis. It seems unlikely that we will  see even close to such an outlay in the near future given the University’s competing transportation priorities (unless outside money presents itself). Indeed according a conversation with Beverly Malone, UMD’s assistant to the director of the Department of Transportation Services, the University is moving forward with only a few of the most cost-effective initiatives:

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Lakeland Heritage Weekend


The Meetn’ n’ Eatn’ event is being held this weekend. Full details available here. Eli Pousson sent us a few details.

We’re doing a geneaology workshop and hosting a lecture by a food ways scholar on Saturday and on Sunday we’ll have free Rita’s ice, exhibits, and balloons.

Did somebody say Rita’s?

Did you know there was a book all about Lakeland?

Speaking of Green

Staying on the topic of “Green” financing.

The Environmental Finance Center is hosting a Financing Renewable Energy symposium. During the symposium experts from across the country will highlight the resources available for creating sustainable financing for renewable energy projects, as well as present success stories featuring agriculture waste to energy, solar, wind, and energy conservation projects.

The symposium includes a “greener” lunch.


Ticket Information:
Charges: General Registration $60; Student Registration $20;

Student Group Pushes Green Platform

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A student based group called UMD for Clean Energy is spearheading a campaign called Green for College Park where they plan to become very actively involved in the upcoming City elections to push forward clean energy policies.

Our campaign is to influence city politics by pushing a green platform with a clean energy policy that will set up an energy efficiency loan fund.  This would be a pool of money that would be loaned out at a very low interest rate to finance energy efficiency upgrades and home improvements for residents of College Park.

There are challenges in getting students involved in City politics and UMD for Clean Energy seems to recognize this and is taking steps to ensure a high student turnout this fall.

Traditionally, there has been poor collaboration between students, residents of College Park, and the City Council.  We want to break this trend by reaching out to the civic and community associations in College Park,

RTCP applauds this groups efforts at both improving the planet but also the Student/Resident relationship. We look forward to keeping up with their progress and working towards a better College Park for all.

Post Reports Route 1 To Get Major Overhaul

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Over morning coffee I see this headline in the Washington Post.

Residents Can Already Picture It: A Rte. 1 Worth Looking At

My heart skipped a beat. The first paragraph reads…..

An eyesore. A ghetto. An area poised for improvement.

Could it be? Have the wheels of progress on Route 1 started to inch forward? Then is hits me. I’ve fallen for a head fake.

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