Atrium for StarView Plaza abandoned


As reported in the Diamondback last week the Starview Plaza has dropped its plans for the atrium due to costs. Its replacement will be a open air grassy space.

Mukesh Majmudar, developer of the StarView Plaza, scheduled to open late next year on Route 1, said he could no longer afford the atrium, which he once said would provide private amenity space and reduce energy costs by moderating the building’s temperature.

It is too bad they could not scale back on the 355 parking spaces and keep the Atrium in place.

Safety at Paint Branch Parkway Crossing

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A e-mail from College Park Council-member Stephanie Stullich highlights the safety concerns of the Paint Branch Parkway crossing for the Rhode Island hiker-biker trail. As frequent driver and biker of this area and as someone who spent the night in a hospital after a bicycle/car collision I can attest to the dangers of this crossing. Ms. Stullich points out a few ways we can help in her e-mail posted after the break.

Lets be careful out there.

Here is another interesting post on the subject from TheWashCycle

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College Perk replacing 94th?

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File this under “things that make you go Hmmm….”

It seems the oft-troubled, slightly singed, yet always funky College Perk might be making a move to take over the former location of the 94th Aero Squadron. Check out for details.

Some of the added features they are looking to add are….

  • A Green Roof,
  • Enhanced Recycling,
  • Solar,
  • Herb Gardens,
  • Free Meeting Space for Civic Associations and Student Groups,
  • Blues Jams,
  • Wine Tastings and Wine Dinners,
  • A Showcase for Local Musicians,
  • and Lots More!

Any RTCP readers been there? Thoughts?

September Economic Update

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The latest Economic Update from the City is available HERE.

Here are the highlights.


Located at the corner of Campus Drive and Mowatt Lane on the Poole property, the Domain is expected to be a 5-story luxury multi-family building with 250 residential units and 5,000 – 10,000 square feet of retail.  The Hanover Company will be the developer.    The developer will market the project to graduate students, young professionals, visiting professors, and empty nesters.  The project has an expected completion date of Fall 2012, which is based on a tentative construction schedule. A pre-application notice for a zoning change to M-X-T was accepted on July 28, 2008.  The Planning Board recommended approval for this zoning change request on December 18, 2008.  The Zoning Hearing Examiner heard this case on January 21, 2009 and filed a decision with the District Council on April 3, 2009, recommending an approval with conditions.  In July, District Council approved Hanover’s request for a zoning change.

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Battle Continues for Hillock, We like Golob

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The Diamondback is reporting that the University Senate may come down on the side of the SGA in the Hillock site dispute.

Last February, the SGA unanimously passed a resolution asking the administration to reconsider alternatives to developing the Hillock. But the senate — composed of nearly 200 students, faculty and staff — has a more direct link to university policy than the SGA, which serves primarily as a student advocacy organization.

At a meeting yesterday, the senate’s Campus Affairs Committee charged five members — three faculty members and two students — with reviewing the planned development. The committee will report its findings to the senate by Oct. 26.

We would like the Senate members to look harder at the alternate locations….

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