HAWK Signal for Paint Branch Pkwy?

RTCP reader “Froggie” posted a comment that the Paint branch crossing would be ideal for a HAWK signal.

This does seem like the perfect fit for the Paint Branch crossing. When I visit Santa this weekend this is what I am going to ask for.

HAWK stands for High-intensity Activated crossWalk.

  • When a pedestrian wishes to cross the street, they push a button and the signal begins with a flashing yellow light that warns drivers approaching the crosswalk to slow down.
  • The flashing yellow light is followed by a solid yellow light, telling drivers to prepare to stop.
  • The signal then changes to a solid red for the drivers to stop at the stop bar, and the pedestrian gets a walk signal.
  • The solid red signal converts to a flashing red after a few seconds, allowing drivers to proceed when safe to do so.
  • The HAWK is normally in an “off” position until it is activated by someone wanting to cross a busy street.

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New Language Museum Struggles

The College Park Gazette recently reported that the National Museum of Language in College Park has not been receiving enough funding.  According to the source:

The National Museum of Language in College Park opened in 2008 as the first facility of its kind in the United States—a museum dedicated specifically to teaching the history of the world’s languages.

But now, museum members are worried that a lack of funding could spell the end for an idea that was nearly 40 years in the making.

The museum is located on the second level of an office building at 7100 Baltimore Avenue–near Fraternity Row.  It is open Tuesdays, Saturdays and the first and third Sundays of each month.  Admission is free, but the museum is seeking donations and memberships in addition to the occasional government grants it receives.  The private funding is used to pay for operational costs.  According to the museum’s treasurer, James McFadden:

The museum needs about 800 members to be self-sustaining, and the next few months will likely determine whether it has potential to grow.

For more information about the museum, you can visit its website here.

End of Paint Branch Pkwy Saga?

paint branch crossing
We’ve done a number of posts outlining the safety situation where the College Park Trolley Trail crosses Paint Branch Parkway. Since the City and County spearheaded initial “improvements” to the crossing, there have been three serious accidents. The City Council stepped in this October demanding that further improvements be made and Councilmember Stephanie Stullich in particular has been fighting for changes. At an October Council meeting:

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Marketing Transit

LA Metro: Promoting Mass Transit from EMBARQ Network on Vimeo.

Check out this great original video from EMBARQ – The World Resources Institute’s Center for Sustainable Transport. It outlines Los Angeles Metro’s Integrated Marketing Communications strategy that has boosted discretionary transit riders, those people who have the choice to commute by car or transit, on the system from 24 to 36 percent. This concept is somewhat similar to a recommendation in the July 2008 College Park Transportation Study that suggested area transit agencies create a simple, unified identity. From the report (recommendations yet to be implemented):

Transit passengers have one prime objective: to travel from their starting point to ending point in as simple a trip as possible. They will utilize any transit services, routes, and schedules on which they are allowed to ride, and tend not to care who provides what service. The issue is travel, the priority is ease. Multiple operators, uncoordinated schedules, and different payment systems only hinder their ability to use transit, and result in fewer transit trips with less satisfied customers.

A New Way to Understand Development Plans for CP

People get at all the information on RTCP in a lot of different ways. Many use our popular development map, others use the categories in the side bar, still others just follow the site religiously and commit everything to memory. Clay Gump recently launched our area projects by the number page. Basically, it’s a way to view the City’s economic development update and all the hard numbers we throw out on this site in one condensed spreadsheet. We decided to take that concept one step further by embedding a google spreadsheet directly into the projects by number page and at the bottom of the development map page. That way, the most up-to-date information we have, you have also.

You’ll notice that we also created a nifty column for project “status”. This is a good way to visualize the state of construction in College Park and see what’s moving and what’s not in the nebulous world of College Park real estate development. Finally, we added a column for student housing beds, since that is an issue so near and dear to our hearts. Let us know what you think and if you notice anything we’re missing.

Starview Groundbreaking

Maybe the credit freeze is finally thawing a bit. The StarView Plaza will hold a ground breaking ceremony Monday Dec 14th at 11:30am.I wonder if somebody kept the pole from the Starlite? Good times.

Press Release from StarGlobal Ventures.

In the midst of a recession where many development projects have come to a complete halt, recession, Star Global Ventures (SGV), formerly Star Hotels is pleased to announce that it will be moving forward on its Hotels, highly anticipated seven story upscale student housing and retail complex. Star Gl al Ventures is hosting a groundbreaking ceremony to commemorate this remarkable achievement on Monday, December 14th at 11:30 a.m. at 8700 Baltimore Avenue in College Park, Maryland.

To RSVP to this event, please send an Email to  maria@starglobalventures.com by December 11th, 2009!

StarView Plaza – Press Release Final Copy