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Farmer's MarketThe idea of a farmer’s market may seem a bit out of context here with the innumerable quick food restaurants, corporate chains, and densely packed parking lots. Here, students about equal the number of normal, home-cooking, child-feeding residents; and the proximity of local farms distances more than the drive to “Giant”. One the whole, perhaps it seems odd to bring such a wholesome, small-town activity into a rowdy college town. But in all honesty, wouldn’t it be nice to walk down to CVS on Sunday and pass by a fresh-fruit stand, a flower cart, or a table full of freshly baked pies? The reality is that Farmer’s Markets are intended for more than Sunday leisure. Many markets across the nation focus on different societal and community needs. The in Bethesda began during the depression by women trying to bring maintain business for local, small town businesses. The organization also runs a number of farmer's markets in and around Washington. Oakland, California, an ethnically diverse urban area lacking in pubic transportation has a traveling “People’s Grocery”. This bright red truck travels the city, parking in public school lots, parks , and community centers to make available low-price organic foods, products, and produce to local residence. There are a number of unexpected places in which Farmer’s Markets have found a home. Madison, WI; Fayetteville, AR; and Denver, CO are a number of college towns who received federal grants for Farmer Markets. [] In these cases, the market has been used to incorporate minority collaboration within community activities. Opportunities to work at the market, buy fresh produce at a low price, and implement the use of food stamps are a few benefits of the Farmer’s Markets. (Photo is from the H Street Farmer's Market in Washington, D. c. )

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