East Campus in the Washington Post

Today’s Washington Post includes a story about East Campus development, the first time the Post has reported on the project. The story summarizes the project rather quickly and mentions some of its goals, including the aim to increase the university’s supply of graduate housing.

The article also mentions the concern some current business-owners have as to the impact that such a large development may have on the existing downtown:

“One of the goals of this east campus project is to help all of the area,” said John Brown III, who is working with a university committee on behalf of downtown businesses. “It doesn’t benefit if all of a sudden that area becomes a wonderful new town center and we see everything else decay.”

Also in the works, says the article, is some sort of revenue transfer agreement between the University and the City, which no doubt feels entitled to some of the action.

5 thoughts on “East Campus in the Washington Post”

  1. Nice job getting quoted in the post. How’d that happen?

    Cool article, by the way. I had no idea the graduate housing situation was that tight.

    Also, I agree that a grocery store is a primary need. Maybe a movie theater, too, so we don’t have to drive to greenbelt or silver spring?

  2. Don’t forget there is a 14-screen movie theater opening in Hyattsville, at University Town Center, in the spring of 2007, and a Safeway grocery store is scheduled to open in the same complex in early 2008.

  3. It’s not hard getting quoted when you are the reason the article was published in the first place. Good work Eric.

  4. Beltway Plaza will also soon be adding movie theaters with stadium seating. Not sure, but hard to believe there will be a market for more movie theaters, unless it is a niche product.

  5. Unfortunately, other than the single-screen Hoff, there are no theaters within walking distance of campus. My complaint on the theater situation also rests on the lack of a diversity of movies. We won’t have much to gain if both theaters, Beltway Plaza and University Town Center, play the same thing.

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