A New Way to Understand Development Plans for CP

People get at all the information on RTCP in a lot of different ways. Many use our popular development map, others use the categories in the side bar, still others just follow the site religiously and commit everything to memory. Clay Gump recently launched our area projects by the number page. Basically, it’s a way to view the City’s economic development update and all the hard numbers we throw out on this site in one condensed spreadsheet. We decided to take that concept one step further by embedding a google spreadsheet directly into the projects by number page and at the bottom of the development map page. That way, the most up-to-date information we have, you have also.

You’ll notice that we also created a nifty column for project “status”. This is a good way to visualize the state of construction in College Park and see what’s moving and what’s not in the nebulous world of College Park real estate development. Finally, we added a column for student housing beds, since that is an issue so near and dear to our hearts. Let us know what you think and if you notice anything we’re missing.

5 thoughts on “A New Way to Understand Development Plans for CP”

  1. I agree, good idea. One minor suggestion I have is to use yellow for construction and orange for approved projects. But it’s great how it is.

  2. It was reported in the Washington Post today that the Varsity project (8150 Baltimore Ave.) has received its County building permit. I understand the project has a new name: the District. Work is now underway on the Starview Plaza project (8700 Baltimore Avenue), too. as of Tuesday the 15th of December.

  3. The “District.” Not sure I like that name. Might get visitors confused with DC. “Yeah. I live in the District in College Park.”

  4. Any idea what’s going in the old Potomac Video space in the College Park Shopping Center?

    I see workers have been clearing it out for the past week or so.

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