This website is operated on a not-for-profit basis, relying on volunteer editors and contributors.

Our only expenses are associated with the technical hosting of the website, and other services we purchase to operate the site:

  • Web hosting – Server space for posts, documents, and comments
  • Domain names – We pay an annual fee for the domain name, as well as the .com version in case people type it incorrectly
  • Flickr – The photo and image sharing service we use, it allows easy browsing of our extensive collection of photos and images, and resizes them for posting
  • Other – In 2007 we purchased services from Survey Monkey to conduct a reader survey

Thus far the site has had three sources of revenue: the site’s founding editors, a $500 grant from the City of College Park, and a donated Flickr account by editor Clay Gump.

We accept sponsors for each expense. To sponsor a Flickr account for a year, purchase a gift Flickr Pro account here and send us the gift code. To sponsor the site’s hosting, contact founding editor Rob Goodspeed (rob.goodspeed at for how to send payment.