Adios to the Santa Fe Cafe

Following in the path of the recently closed  Varsity and 94th Aero Squadron another College Park original is closing its doors for good. The Diamondback reports that May 22nd will be the final day to grab a cold one at the Santa Fe Cafe.

“The Fe” has been in a battle with the city over the long overdue installation of a sprinkler system. This issue will now become a problem for the new tenants.

“My lease was up, and me and the landlord just couldn’t come to an agreement on pricing,” Srour said. “It’s business. She went in a direction I couldn’t go in.”

But after years of conflict, some city officials were less diplomatic.

“Goodbye and good riddance,” District 2 Councilman Jack Perry said in an interview. “He doesn’t want to comply with the law — what else can I say? I agree with the decision of the courts. And if he has to go, then so be it.”

12 thoughts on “Adios to the Santa Fe Cafe”

  1. I agree with the Councilman, good riddance as this place is a dump. Hopefully the building will get razed and an upscale restaurant will occupy the space.

  2. College Park doesn’t need the Fe, but vacant space isn’t good. I disagree on getting an upscale restaurant too, however. The fact of the matter is, we need mid-range things. I want food better than Cluck-U, that’s affordable. There are too many sandwich places in downtown CP. Personally, it would make my day if we got a Trader Joe’s in town. We have enough restaurants, how about a well-rounded market?

  3. RIP Sante Fe. Although it was pretty $hitty and the service was even worse, I had some good drunken times there that I’ll never forget.

  4. The Vous Santa Fe were and will always be LEGENDARY College Park Landmark’s F’Off to the city council ol’bags who all wanted Marl Srour- mark is a legend as well, the Hugh Hefner of College Park!!! Wow could I taste those Hot Dogs outside the Vous, and smell the beer on the floor i’d pay anything to just go back to an Elbow Room!!

  5. Either way, Councilman Perry’s remarks do not seem to have the best interest of the local economy in mind. So now he has a vacant space to chastise. Feel better now, Counilman? How many more tax dollars did you get?

  6. Are there any plans for the space vacated by Santa Fe?

    Even though it was a firetrap I saw some great live shows there the past few years and was sad to see it go.

    Especially since Berwyn Cafe just closed, College Park is severely lacking in live music venues.

  7. With the Barking Dog moving into tne Thirsty Turtle space, I am not sure that anyone would be willing to spend the large amount that would be necessary to reopen the Santa Fe space as a restaurant/bar.

  8. i remember Santa Fe opening up my freshman year in ’83. dos equis and wings were the rage as the only other place w/ wings was tartarugas. and it was a perfect offset to the vous when we’d get down there to late after friday classes for happy hour. great times, great memories. ‘everything dies, baby that’s a fact. but everything that dies someday comes back’.

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