Best Buy & The Original Ledo’s Opening Soon

A local establishment and a powerhouse national chain are both moving into College Park over the next month with the long anticipated opening of the original Ledo’s Pizza in about two weeks and Best Buy slated to open in the College Park Market Place in early September.  I think both will help College Park in different ways.  The Original Ledo’s will give downtown College Park a destination location at last and will hopefully help increase the use of the downtown parking garage.  Best Buy will be taking the place of the closed down “Linens and Things” and hopefully will add a nice little boost to our city tax revenue.

These two new store openings remind me of the soon to be voted on College Park City Council Strategic Plan. One of the action items in this plan is to “Create a list of 10 most desired retail/restaurant businesses and actively pursue encouraging them to locate in College Park.”  So what retail/restaurant businesses locations do you think College Park should be pursuing?  What type of retail/restaurant businesses would help turn College Park into the vibrant college town we all know we can and should be?  Feel free to list one location or ten and feel free to say something general (a coffee house) or specific (Trader Joe’s).  You can list one retail/restaurant business or ten – but also think about WHERE you think you’d like to see such a business open.

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  1. I would like to see a large book store, such as a Barnes & Noble come to College Park. Also, I would like to see nice movie theater open within walking distance of the university. While I’m dreaming, I would love it if Shoppers was demolished and a new Wegmans was put in that spot (as a side note, the new Wegmans in Lanham MD is looking nearly complete from the outside, and is scheduled to open in October of this year).

    I am looking forward to the Best Buy opening, I think it has the potential to do very well here in CP.

  2. Definitely (DEFINITELY!) a coffee house–I cannot stress it enough. A Trader Joes would be great, too.

  3. Sure, I’ll chime in.

    1. Music Hall – We will have this in the Birchmere at the new East Campus Development

    2. Busboys & Poets – Since they are already locating in Hyattsville, I think College Park could use a 20-something hip place to eat, read, perform, and mingle other than the student union on campus and a bar off campus.

    3. ESPN-like Sports Bar – We may be getting that in Looneys. Sounds like it will be a fun place.

    4. Move Theater – Planned for East Campus.

    5. Apple Store – Though I’m not an Apple fan, it seems odd that Apple doesn’t have a store near a top research university. East Campus would be a nice fit for it.

    6. Organic Market – Though there is already on in College Park, it would be nice if MOMs Organic Market could expand and move into one of the new developments along route 1. Yes! Organic has already purchased a spot in Hyattsville.

    7. Cheesecake Factory – I know it’s a stretch, but it’s popular with the 20-30-somethings. Generous menu items. (East Campus)

    8. That one good pizza joint – Ledos fills this spot perfectly. The location is nice too.

    9. High End Restaurant – Something for the professors, scientists and professional to go to. Like Clydes, Ruths Chris, (Pick any restaurant from National Harbor) (Along Rt. 1 in an office building)

    10. Dave & Busters – Two-Story. Been to one in Indianapolis. It fit right into the downtown decor. Restaurant and pool tables on the bottom floor, games on the second floor. Also, it was about half the size of the one in Arundel Mills. But, the same size as the one in Bethesda. Just stacked in two levels. (East Campus)

  4. @Ben,

    How could I forget? Yes, College Park desperately needs a book store. Why do we have to drive to Silver Spring or Rockville for a good large bookstore. I mean do they think students at a college don’t read? 🙂

  5. As mentioned above, I’d love to see:
    – Wegman’s (although there’s no room in the City, and one is opening in Landover this fall)
    – Trader Joe’s
    – A large bookstore, ie Barnes & Noble

    I was hoping for a Bed Bath and Beyond where the Best Buy is (but Best Buy is good too!) A non-sketchy movie theater (perhaps at East Campus) would be nice.

    Restaurants I would frequent:
    – Crisp & Juicy (the best Pollo a la Brasa around… beats the pants off of Sardi’s or (ugh) King Pollo)
    – Lebanese Taverna (closest one is Rockville)
    – Shane’s Rib Shack (closest one is Laurel)

    Really, we have a good variety of places in College Park, but the buildings they’re in look like crap. Any attempt to turn downtown into a vibrant, “town center” type of place will have to start by tearing down some decrepit buildings. Perhaps a deal can be made to re-locate existing restaurants and stores to the vast amounts of street-level retail opening up just north of Paint Branch, and redevelop some of the downtown area?

  6. Ok I asked so I guess I should also answer.

    1. A white table cloth restaurant where people in the city could go for a nice night out is needed badly and the old areosquadran location is the best site for that.

    2. We need to bring a grocery store to either downtown or the Berwyn area. I would greatly favor a Trader Joe’s or similar location.

    3. A “College Perk” like independent coffee house with poetry slams, musical entertainment, and wine tasting events that brings out students and residents would be fantastic. It is amazing our college town does not have one yet.

    4. I would say a theater and movie theater but I’m hoping East Campus will have both of those things.

    5. A book store downtown would be great I just don’t know where it would go.

    6. More diverse food choices would be amazing. I would love more middle eastern food (I like Moby Dicks more than Lebanese Taverna), I’m hoping the Azteca Restaurant on Route One opens soon so we have a nice Mexican place as well.

    hmmmm – that is all I have for now.

  7. 1. Trader Joe’s – a Trader Joe’s within walking distance would make my life so much easier! A Trader Joe’s that could sell alcohol would be even better, but the ridiculous laws of this state will probably made that impossible.

    2. A large bookstore (Borders or Barnes & Noble) – as others have mentioned, it is unbelievable that there is not a large bookstore closer the the university.

    3. A real Tex-Mex restaurant – I have yet to find one in the greater D.C. area, so we would probably need to import somebody from Texas to open one.

    4. A good Chinese restaurant and a good Thai restaurant.

    Dave & Buster’s is an interesting idea – I never would have thought of that one, but it would be great!

  8. Definitely some sort of grocery store in the downtown area–no one can walk to Shopper’s, period. Trader Joe’s would be nice, but it definitely caters to a niche market. It doesn’t have to be massive, but as long as it provides some selection beyond 7-11 and CVS.

    How about some stores at the ground floor level of the View buildings? I feel they’re wasting valuable retail space.

    Is there a reason that the Greene Turtle hasn’t opened up a location in CP yet? It seems too obvious, given the name and lack of places one can actually go and sit down for a meal.

    I think the apartments at the book exchange site are a good idea–I’m not too fond of the sprawling student residences up and down Route One and think it should be more concentrated.

    And what is most interesting to me, how about a performance/art space? Somewhere for live music, to host guest speakers, have art shows, etc. This could even double as the coffee house, and potentially be a non-profit.

  9. Re: white tablecloth restaurant: I fully agree. The only thing in College Park that fits the bill is the Thirsty Turtle, but the restaurant part is mostly for show.

    It would be great if we could lure Pasta Plus from their current strip mall location in Laurel to College Park – either the old Aerosquadron building or one of the new retail locations on Rt. 1. They were just voted the best Italian restaurant in the DC area for the second year in a row (heard it on WTOP this morning.)

    If we can’t get Pasta Plus, how about 3 brothers? Perhaps they could be convinced to move out of Greenbelt Plaza?

  10. Another thought… try to bring back Mandalay from Silver Spring. When they were in College Park they were a favorite of many residents and University staff… but then had to leave due to the Jefferson development which never actually came to fruition. That old building continues to be a blight upon Rt. 1 in north College Park…

  11. A few things: There already is a Barnes & Noble technically in the form of the campus bookstore. I agree that we do need one that the public can frequent, though. I think that an East Campus location is ideal for that. Also, an Apple Store is a must. Just makes sense that the first PG county location should be in college park. Also- East Campus- along with a movie theater.

    As far as food choices a grocery store is badly needed. Trader Joes is desirable for its smaller size and relative affordability, but a full grocery store like Harris Teeter would be ideal. The location for this could be the Cafritz property just south of College Park.

    For restaurants we need more sit-down options and to continue to upgrade the casual/carryout places as well. Crisp & Juicy, Lebanese Taverna, and Urban BBQ are my suggestions. Also, the options for wings and sports bars stink in the greater cp area. Beef O’Bradys or a Greene Turtle would be great. Heck I always wondered why Hooters never located in cp. A quirky bar in the mold of what you find in great college towns would be welcome. I’m thinking something like bb& poets (a coffee house by day and an anti frat bar scene at night) but different since the are about to
    open in Hyattsville.

    Speaking of Hyattsville since I live there- totally excited for bus boys & poets, Tara Thai, yes! Organic, evolution burger, and a rumored chipotle. Now all we need is a coffee place and we are set. Mayorga or Caribou???

  12. 1. YMCA
    2. JosABank
    3. Dick’s Sporting Goods
    4. Raw Foods Restaurant/Juice Bar
    5. Old Style Newpaper Stand (e.g., News World)
    6. Megabus, Bolt or Vamoose Bus Stop
    7. LLBean
    8. Traditional Mens Clothier like the defunct Georgetown University Shop

  13. Definitely PANERA BREAD!!! They’d make a killing in the CP market.

    CP already has a Barnes and Noble, unfortunately it’s the bookstore in Stamp. Maybe one day we’ll oust them from the campus bookstore and make an independent store like Bookholders the official campus book supplier. (It would make room for a metro station in Stamp, jk!)…

  14. Why does everyone think CP is “desperate” for a big-box bookstore? You can get almost any book you want at the Book Center or Book Exchange. Book Exchange has a great downtown location with easy parking. Vertigo, a fantastic independent bookstore, couldn’t survive in CP; why do we need a B&N? I guess people long for the familiarity of big chain stores.

    I’d much rather see a store like Vertigo reopen, preferably with better funding, and add a coffeehouse a la Kramerbooks or Politics & Prose.

    If you prefer a big store like B&N because they have a DVD/CD section, CDepot has a way better CD/DVD selection than any B&N I’ve ever been to.

    A big-box bookstore like B&N wouldn’t add anything new to the retail scene in College Park, it would just kill local businesses and discourage entrepreneurs from opening any interesting new stores in the future. If you’re looking for a nationally-known one-stop shop, let’s just bulldoze all of downtown CP and build a Wal-Mart.

  15. I would love a grocery store, like trader joe’s, and a nice book store/coffee place. In a pedestrian friendly,small town setting.

  16. 1. Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods !!!!

    2. Probably can’t get away from chains, but we need improved, sit-down eating establishments that DON’T qualify as sports bars, so I’m going to throw in Maggiano’s, Macaroni Grill, something along those lines.

    3. Decent clothing retailers (think along the lines of stores we’d find in either Howard County or Montgomery County)

  17. Reading this makes me extremely depressed. Equating “smart growth” with bringing national chains into your downtown strikes me as a profound failure of the imagination. And “Downtown Silver Spring (TM)” as a model? I predict that in 20 years, planners and architects will be writing about what went wrong in “Leggett’s folly.”

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