Blueprint America on PBS

I caught a fascinating show on PBS last night called Blueprint America: Road to the Future. The show detailed the attempts by some cities to rethink transit options from the car centric culture toward more sustainable options. The entire episode (and others) are available for viewing online and well worth checking out. In the recent forum on transportation priorities for Maryland James Corless from Transportation for America discussed the golden oppurtunity we have in the next 12 months to re-shape our transportation priorities. Congress sets the country’s tranportation priorities every six years and the gathering consensus from this show is that America is ready to go into a new direction.

With roads clogged and congested, gas prices uncertain, smog and pollution creating health problems like asthma, cities that once built infrastructure to serve only automobiles and trucks are now looking to innovative new forms of transportation systems – like trolleys, light rail, pedestrian walkways and bike paths.