Book Exchange Compromise In The Works

Book Exchange Compromise

A compromise regarding the design of the proposed 431 unit Maryland Book Exchange project may be in the works. There will be a public presentation by the R&J Company at next Tuesdays City Council meeting to present a possible alternative for the structure.  As outlined in this previous post one of the main issues has to do with the step-back requirements  towards the residential zones surrounding the property. This very preliminary rendering of the possible redesign shows a step down from 6 levels near Route 1 down to 4 levels closer to Yale Avenue. This is certainly more in line with the Route 1 sector plan.

The Prince George’s County Planning board has already given the go ahead for the project despite the strong objections of the City Council. Therefore the developer could forge ahead with the existing plan however the City had planned an appeal which could drag on the process.

More details to come in the upcoming Council Session on October 9th.




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