Cafritz development informational meeting – Tuesday Nov 1

An informational meeting on the proposed development at the 36-acre Cafritz property will take place Tuesday, November 1 at the College Park City Hall (4500 Knox Road). As most readers are aware, the Cafritz property is located adjacent to Route 1, immediately south of College Park and east of University Park. The meeting will include a presentation on the latest development plans from the Cafritz developers and provide an opportunity for a public Q&A.


The updated site plan (above), including a commitment from Whole Foods, has sparked discussion and debate throughout the region and in surrounding areas including the Calvert Hills neighborhood of College Park as well as the cities of University Park and Riverdale Park. While the prospect of a Whole Foods has garnered lots of positive attention, the most recent site plan resembles something similar to a 1970s suburban strip mall and leaves lots of questions about what “Future Development” will look like. This meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for residents to hear directly from the development team and weigh in on the conversation. Hope to see you there!

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  1. An updated version of the site plan is available at This updated version shows the proposed housing, a bridge across the CSX tracks, and the connection to Riverdale Park’s Rhode Island Avenue (also known as Maryland Avenue) at the southeast boundary of the Cafritz property. This more complete plan does not look like “something similar to a 1970s suburban strip mall.” There is some surface parking, but it is not excessive and it will help the retail portion of the project to thrive.

  2. Thanks for this link, Cynthia. I do appreciate how this site plan presents a grid that could be extended if future redevelopment were to occur immediately south.

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