Cafritz Plan Approved 7-2


The District Council approves the Cafritz Plan by a vote of 7-2. College Park Patch reports that despite objections from the the City of College Park and from Councilman Olson to push forward a motion for denial, the vote to approve the zoning change for the Cafritz development was passed 7-2.

The 37-acre plan in Riverdale Park is slated to be the home of the first Whole Foods grocery store in Prince George’s County in addition to 900 units of multi-family housing, a 120-room hotel, and additional office space.

8 thoughts on “Cafritz Plan Approved 7-2”

  1. Yet another reason to move out of this county – development above all else, regardless of if the development makes sense or is wanted by the community. Then, after the thing is built and the developer (and in this case, the Cafritz family) walks away with millions, the development falls into disrepair, key tenants pull out (if they indeed ever materialized to begin with) and it becomes another decrepit strip mall full of nail salons and no-plan cell phone stores.

  2. Ehh I’m all for smart growth and development, but there is so much empty space at nearby PG Plaza that could be used instead. Development just for the sake of development isn’t good. In all honesty, I think building a typical residential neighborhood in this area would’ve been a better use of the space, from a regional perspective.

    But now that the plan has been approved, let’s hope it turns out well.

  3. So, according to CP Resident what’s the point of building development at all since the “greedy” developers will make the money and run anyway, since that’s what happens to every mixed-use development. What idiotic logic. Cafritz is a well known developer in the region with high-end projects that are *all* successful. Just look at Washington Harbor in Georgetown.

    You do realize that the developer charges rent to tenants and has a vested interest in making the location a desirable destination. I really hope you leave the county, and Maryland for that matter. Stupid NIMBYism (made even worse by asinine arguments) is what’s holding back Prince George’s.

  4. CP Resident: How is the first Whole Foods in PG County — located along the Route 1 corridor inside the Beltway — lacking in sense, unwanted by the community, and looking to fall into disrepair? Your pessimism is astounding.

  5. This is a good outcome. I hope that the fighting over this doesn’t get dragged out for years longer, through appeals, etc. It’s unfortunate that two of the most local councilpersons (Olson, Lehman) were the ones opposed, but we can hope that their views will change over time.

  6. Seeing as this is a rezoning and not a site plan review, I don’t see any way but for this to get dragged out over the course of years.

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