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Since it is Bike To Work day it might be a great time to download and read The Campus Bike Study we posted about a few weeks ago. The Department of Transportation Services and the University of Maryland Bicycle Advisory Group solicited the study from the Toole Design Group, LLC based out of Hyattsville.

I have only just begun to work my way through the details of this 90 page report but here are a few highlights I’ve picked up already.

  1. Commuters account for 19% of the source of emissions on campus (pg 8)
  2. According to a transportation survey 39% off-campus respondents lived within five miles of the University. This is a distance that is well within biking range.  (pg 14)
  3. Only 5% commute by bike.   (pg 14)
  4. Listed among the many existing resources and programs is Rethink College Park! Boo Yaa! (pg 17)
  5. The three year plan as outlined is estimated to cost in the neighborhood of $1 million dollars. (pg61)
  6. If the plan reached its goal of increasing the number of bike commuters to 9% the University would not have to build one of its proposed parking garages which would save about $30 million. (pg61)
  7. Over a two day period 4205 cyclist were counted. 80% were men and 80% did not wear a helmet. (pg77)

The recommendations put forth in the study are guided by the following organizing principles.

Connected Campus


  • Improve internal bicycle connections
  • Improve external bicycle connections
  • Provide enhanced bicycle parking
  • Incorporate bicycles in all upcoming projects
  • Enhance coordination with stakeholders to better accommodate bicycles
  • Undertake a comprehensive pedestrian and bicycle facility inventory
  • Develop a wayfinding strategy
  • Foster the connection between bicycling and transit

Safer Campus

  • Implement focused design improvements to enhance safety
  • Increase bicycle police presence on campus
  • Provide bicycle safety training and orientation rides to interested students, faculty, and staff

Sustainable Campus

  • Actively promote the role of bicycles in meeting the goals of the Sustainable Campus Plan
  • Establish a strategy and methodology for tying bicycle ridership to carbon reduction goals
  • Develop a comprehensive transportation plan

Engaged and Aware Campusbike-study-3

  • Increase educational opportunities for bicyclists and drivers
  • Expand and reorient bicycle-related information on the DOTS website
  • Increase bicycle encouragement efforts
  • Enhance the role of the Department of Campus Recreation Services in fostering bicycling on campus
  • Foster bicycle-related collaborations
  • Improve and expand the bicycle registration process
  • Dedicate resources on an annual basis to encourage bicycling
  • Implement a bicycle rental program on campus

This is a very well researched and detailed plan. You can download the plan from the DOTS site or by clicking the image below. Also please do contact DOTS Director: David Allen and Project Manager: Sevgi Erdogan to voice your support.

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  1. This article has been extremely valuable in research I have been completing for my communications course. I have been working on a project regarding campus transportation for the past two months and this article has been extremely helpful. For the past month, my research has been solely on bike-sharing programs on campuses. It was very interesting to read different recommendations that are written in this article that can influence people to use bikes on campus instead of having a car on campus. I have enjoyed getting to read this article and use the interesting information for my research. I definitely agree with what is written in this article and believe it is well written and very useful for my topic.

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