Campus Expansion Efforts Cautiously Moving Ahead


On Friday July 17th the City hosted a Real Estate roundtable.  Ann Wylie, the Vice President of Administrative Affairs, was the primary presenter. There were many Campus and Local officials present and based on the lack of  empty seats interest was high.  The second speaker was Chris Warren providing details of local economic activity. Here are a few random highlights that I jotted down mainly from Mrs. Wylie’s talk. If you were there and have more to add please do jump in the comment section.

“We would like our Faculty and Staff to live in College Park”

This quote from Mrs. Wylie is music to my ears. She was very emphatic in the desire to encourage more more folks to Live and Work in College Park. This is personal to me becasue 10 years ago I took advantage of the “Live Near Your Work” program to move into CP. The developments proposed need to go forward to encourage more folks like me to put down long-term roots in the area.

East Campus will probably break ground in 18 months.

Of course the enonomy has hit the pause button on just about everything. However this project is moving forward and as soon as other financial hurdles are cleared the project will move ahead.

NOAA on hold.

As Chris already stated in the latest Economic Update the NOAA project has fallen victim to the economy. The primary developer Opus East is suing the General Services Administration and has also gone bankrupt in the process. This leaves the NOAA building 80% complete on the outside and 50% on the inside.  The GSA is working to complete the structure however we do not have a completion date.

National Proton Therapy Center

This new center will be located on River Road near the Physics Center. This type of therapy is used for cancer treatments and will be the only center of its kind within a 100-miles. This is a joint venture with the University Medical School.

Purple Line

Mrs. Wylie stated that they were still discussing the effect of magnetic and vibration issues with regards to the campus route for the purple line. And here I thought this subject was put to rest already.

94th Aero Squadron is Done.

Last but not least. I have heard that the 94th has broken their lease and will not be re-opening.

3 thoughts on “Campus Expansion Efforts Cautiously Moving Ahead”

  1. I would like to say that I’m glad my wife and I were able to experience the quaint 94th Aero Squadron restaurant at least once. I’ve lived in the area for about 10 years and had always talked about visiting. Last year, we finally visited. It was not a bad experience at all. Are there any plans to woo a chef or developer to revive the spirit of the old restaurant? It would be a good idea to keep the same theme.

  2. Let’s hope East Campus breaks ground sooner than later. I can’t imagine waiting until 2011 for the first foot of dirt to be moved.

  3. Thanks for this update. All really valuable info. Too bad it’s a mix of good and bad news, but seems like more good than bad. Can’t wait for them to break ground on East Campus; the proton therapy center seems pretty cool too.

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