Camden College Park Project Overview

Camden at College Park

Anyone who has visited the Ikea in College Park recently has no doubt noticed that the Camden College Park project is under construction. When it is completed the project will include 11,545 square feet of restaurant space, a 3,891 square feet drive-in bank, 23,564 square feet retail, 21,180 square feet office, 508 apartment units, and 12 townhouse units, according to county documents. For the County approval documents look for “Ikea Centre” on this website.

Camden College ParkAlthough we were unable to locate the detailed architecural renderings and site plans from when the project was approved in February 2005, the project’s general contractor has posted the rendering above to their website and has this gallery of construction photos, including this view from the IKEA parking lot from December. The developer’s website says the project is expected to open Fall 2007.