November College Park Development Update

The College Park Development Update is a bi-monthly newsletter prepared by the City of College Park Planning, Community and Economic Development Department covering development activity in the City. Please feel free to distribute this information as you see fit. Questions or comments can be directed to Economic Development Coordinator Michael Stiefvater at (240)487-3543 or

Charrette Outlines Future Development Near Mowatt Lane

On April 30, 2010 a Charrette was held in City Hall on the Domain project and the surrounding area. This also includes the area of the Mosaic at Turtle Creek. The goal was to come up with a overall vision for the area that can guide future development and create a mixed use neighborhood with tree-lined, predestrian and bicycle-friendly streets.

This area is located at the intersection of the Campus edge (near the Smith Business School) and a residential area. This is mostly on undeveloped property. There are many religious buildings in the immediate vicinity. The Domain project is located at the intersection of Campus Drive and Mowatt Lane while the Mosaic project located off Mowatt Lane.

The comprehensive vision includes 3 primary themes.

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Domain Project Area Charrette STARTS WEDNESDAY

Located at the Corner of Campus Drive and Mowatt Lane, the Domain Project Area encompasses a series of mostly vacant properties just adjacent to campus near Van Munching Hall – the home of UMD’s business school. The project area includes Mosaic at Turtle Creek and The Domain at College Park – a proposed 5-story luxury multi-family building with 250 residential units and 5,000-10,000 square feet of retail. The Hanover Company will be the developer of the Domain project and market the it to graduate students, young professionals, visiting professors, and empty nesters similar to the way Mosaic is planned to be marketed.

Attend the charrette sessions this Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday to learn about development plans, explore planning issues in this particular area, define a vision for future development, and interact with other stakeholders. See this PDF for scheduling information.

New Mosaic at Turtle Creek Renderings

This project has been flying in under the radar for sometime. It involves a land deal between UMD and a private developer to create “intergeneration” non-student housing. It is planned for a wooded lot just behind UMD’s business school on Mowatt Lane. As far as we know the original plans for the interior still stand (click the project category to learn more).

mosaic3 mosaic2 mosaic4 mosaic1

Updates from Councilman Catlin

A June 4th comment:

“The City’s parking garage will have its groundbreaking on June 19th. The Mosaic at Turtle Creek condos should be filing its detailed site plan this summer. The Garden Suites Hotel has filed for its building permits. JPI East apartments, townhouses and retail, has applied for its building permits, Mazza GrandMarc Graduate Apartments hopes to begin construction late this year, Northgate condos (owned by Monument Realty) has had some success in appealing an FAA decision that limited its height from the approved 18 stories to only 12 stories. The FAA now says that 15 stories can be built at the site. It may become student housing. Starview student housing is proceeding with a LEED Silver student housing project. Mark Vogel has been able to put Merchant’s Tire under contract to go with other adjoining properties he purchased earlier, to build student housing. Finally, East Campus is working hard to file its preliminary detailed site plan in early July with Park and Planning. Work is proceeding with the County/City on a $180 million bond issue to be financed with a TIF. Other projects are in the early discussion stage, too.”

–> Check the city’s ever-more organized, extensive and detailed Economic Development Update (May) for more.

Details Emerge About ‘Mosaic’ Project

Mosaic at Turtle Creek - South ElevationMosaic at Turtle Creek - Ilustrative Site Plan

The Mosaic at Turtle Creek project is a 300-unit luxury condominium project proposed for an undeveloped lot located roughly behind the Hillel building on Mowatt Lane, near the Business School. The city voted last week to approve the re-zoning required for the lot, and if the Prince George’s County Planning Board (PGCPB) approves the re-zoning the developer will return to both bodies for final project approval. Although relatively early in the approval process, a variety of documents are available about plans for this site.

Mosaic at Turtle Creek - East ElevationWe just uploaded two documents related to the project submitted to the PGCPB in PDF format. The first is a letter from University Vice President for Administrative Affairs John Porcari (PDF) officially endorsing the project as consistent with the university’s facilities master plan. The second is from the developer Thomas Farasy (PDF) explaining the concept for “intergenerational housing” at the site. He notes the building will provide an opportunity to own a residence near the university for “alumni of all ages,” and “For faculty, current and retired, it provides a price alternative to live near the University in new housing for under $1,000,000.” Mosaic at Turtle Creek - Site Vicinity MapHe adds that “this is not an age-restricted community.” He describes the amenities offered as including a “sauna, a resistance pool, wine cellar, and virtual concierge services.”

Two additional items are linked from the PGCPB agenda, the staff reccomendation for the re-zoning and a PDF of the submitted images. Click any of the illustrations here for a larger view. What do you think of the project?

City Considers Condos Adjacent Campus

The Diamondback reported today about a proposal to construct a 300-unit condominium building adjacent to campus near Hillel and the Business school. The project, which the developer calls “Mosaic at Turtle Creek,” will be marketed towards University faculty and staff and contain no units reserved for graduate students or other workforce housing. Technically, the developer has requested the site be re-zoned to allow for the 6-story development, and the City Council will vote on the issue next Wednesday before it moves to the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission and the Prince George’s County Council for final approval.

The project design includes residential space “wrapped” around a parking garage. While we support wrapped parking if it is absolutely required, we urge the city to re-consider parking requirements for new buildings. By eliminating or reducing parking requirements the city can simultaneously alleviate traffic problems, boost ridership of public transportation, and help develop vibrant local streets. In Ann Arbor, Michigan the city has negotiated special deals in recent years where developers instead contribute towards spaces in municipal garages, which can be utilized more efficiently than private lots. In Ithica, New York, parking requirements were even eliminated for the Collegetown neighborhood for a period in the 1980s.

What does the University’s Master Plan say about the area? The “Southwest District” plan shows the site wedged between a planned campus road and other outlying properties.