Monthly Transportation Forum Tomorrow

Got a suggestion or complaint about campus transportation? The Department of Transportation will be holding the first of a series of monthly community forums tomorrow, Wednesday, September 20 at 9:30 a.m. in the Thurgood Marshall room in the student union.

We also noticed on the DOTS website that the new University Town Center route now runs from 12:00 noon until 1 a.m. Saturday with service roughly every hour.

Sound Off on Shuttle-UM, Win an iPod

Love it or hate it, Shuttle-UM is a daily fact of life for most students. In fact, the Diamondback reported ridership on the system is up a staggering 50% so far this year, thanks to the ongoing parking crunch and the impact of new routes serving new high rise apartments near campus. In order to evaluate the community’s “use and attitudes” towards Shuttle-UM the Department of Transportation is conducting a survey of riders. If you complete the survey you could win either an iPod Nano or one of 50 parking coupons. (Which we think is an ironic prize for a bus survey …) The survey is part of a larger study of campus transportation being conducted by PhD student Feng Zhang. A flyer Zhang is circulating is below. In addition to the basic survey they are looking for some people to complete detailed “travel diaries” about their Shuttle-UM riding habits.

We applaud Shuttle-UM for responding rapidly to new apartment buildings with new routes, and were glad to see them distributing maps and other information near the Student Union the past couple weeks. The one resource we think would help students navigate the system is a system-wide map (if one exists we haven’t found it) and a more accessible website without so many PDFs.

> Take the Shuttle-UM survey