Charrette Outlines Future Development Near Mowatt Lane

On April 30, 2010 a Charrette was held in City Hall on the Domain project and the surrounding area. This also includes the area of the Mosaic at Turtle Creek. The goal was to come up with a overall vision for the area that can guide future development and create a mixed use neighborhood with tree-lined, predestrian and bicycle-friendly streets.

This area is located at the intersection of the Campus edge (near the Smith Business School) and a residential area. This is mostly on undeveloped property. There are many religious buildings in the immediate vicinity. The Domain project is located at the intersection of Campus Drive and Mowatt Lane while the Mosaic project located off Mowatt Lane.

The comprehensive vision includes 3 primary themes.

1) Create a compact, pedestrian-friendly mixed-use neighborhood

  • Create a walkable neighborhood with a mix of housing types and neighborhood services
  • Maximize transit-oriented opportunities
  • Respect property owner objectives
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity
  • Improve internal circulation – disperse traffic efficiently
  • Create a network of neighborhood greens, squares, and plazas
  • Protect and enhance environmental resources
  • 2- to 8-story buildings

2) Enhance Campus Drive as an attractive pedestrian-oriented “gateway” and calm traffic

  • Transform as a “gateway” to campus and surrounding neighborhoods
  • Reduce auto-oriented character with traffic calming and safe crosswalks
  • Align curb-cuts and intersections
  • Create standard streetscape design criteria to “activate the street”
  • Encourage some neighborhood service and retail
  • Enhance sidewalks with consistent build-to-line (varies per options from 18 to 35 feet)
  • Maintain 4 lanes in all scenarios
  • Consider bicycle lanes and/or on-street parking
  • Streetscape enhancements support
  • Purple Line options
    • Centerline or side-loaded platform
    • Understand dimensional standards/options

3) Improve MowattLane as a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly residential-scale street

  • Improve and maintain as a 2-lane “residential street” with median (UMCP option – 2011)
  • Establish streetscape design criteria for a “residential character”
  • Maintain low, safe speeds
  • Align curb cuts and intersections
  • Preference: 2-lane street
  • Consider bicycle lanes
  • Review Options:
    • Allow for median to become leftturn “pockets” where needed to improve traffic flow (3-lane)
    • 4-lane option
  • Understand dimensional standards/options

The Full  Presentation can be viewed HERE.

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