City Council, Student Leaders, RTCP Reach Major Compromise

Final Impact Fee Waiver amendments

We’re pleased to announce that a major (and in our view: reasonable) compromise was reached late last night on the impact fee waiver controversy. While everyone at the meeting agreed the boundary (that allows a county incentive for student housing) needs to be reduced from its original size (black line) to an area within the City of College Park, there was no consensus on exactly where the new boundary should be drawn. Jim Rosapepe and the 21st Delegation originally proposed (with the approval from the College Park City Council) the red boudary (seen above) and that version of the state bill went to committee last week in Annapolis. The amended proposal approved last night adds several key properties located both:

-west of Route 1 and north of 193


-east of Route 1 and south of 193

After these new areas were added, 6 of the 8 councimembers agreed, in an unusual pro-student vote, that the compromise boundaries (in purple) would more reasonably accommodate long term student housing needs in College Park. They apparently agreed with the reasoning that most of the property zoned “mixed-use” in the city could potentially be student housing and that it should be eligible for incentives as such. There was also talk about “density bonuses” to encourage even more housing right adjacent to campus.

We applaud last night’s decision and are especially looking forward to a period of limited RTCP political activism (after the bill becomes law).

One thought on “City Council, Student Leaders, RTCP Reach Major Compromise”

  1. This is very good news. Thanks for your hard work lobbying in this issue. I appreciate it, as I’m sure many other students do.

    Which council members voted for and against it? I don’t think the council minutes for this meeting are on the web yet (only up to feb 27), so let me know! How did my Dist. 3 council member, Stullich, and our favorite councilmember/RTCP-poster Mr. Catlin vote?

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