College Park Patch

We have a new online news website in the City of College Park called the College Park Patch. It launched yesterday and is part of the national Patch network run by AOL. The national Patch site says that they look for communities of 15-100k people that they believe are drastically under served by media and would benefit by having access to local news and information about government, schools and business. The College Park version is run by Lauren Evans and is currently looking for contributors, so if you’ve always had an itch to write and have strong insight on a local issue contact Lauren to see if you can get on board.

The Patch seems interesting as it looks like it is trying to be a combination news website and local social networking medium. Unlike traditional online news sites (like the Gazette online for example) the Patch allows you to make a profile for yourself, add local events to their online calendar, and comment on stories (The Diamondback already has that last feature). They Patch is also unique in how they are trying to build themselves into the community by having 5% of their ad space donated to local charity organizations and making all Patch employees spend 5 working days each year volunteering in the communities they serve.

What are your thoughts on this new online news website coming to College Park?