College Park – The college town that doesn’t sleep quite so much anymore

Today’s Diamondback article about Santa Fe’s growing reputation as a live music venue reminds us of a gradual trend that we often overlook – College Park’s downtown is actually starting to take on the characteristics of a real College Town. Everyday another store seems to be extending their hours for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, a fifth bar is coming to town (if it ever opens), and the streets are genuinely busy through most of the day. Certainly College Park isn’t what it could be, but what it is today is a far cry from the boarded up storefronts and abandoned gas stations that plagued downtown just a few short years ago. While its not clear exactly what’s responsible for this trend, the completion of the South Campus Commons just up Knox Rd as well as other demographic changing developments in the area must have played a big role. Yes, theres a lot of work yet to be done, but that doesn’t mean students should ignore the small stuff – like a nice midnight burrito.

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