College Perk replacing 94th?

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File this under “things that make you go Hmmm….”

It seems the oft-troubled, slightly singed, yet always funky College Perk might be making a move to take over the former location of the 94th Aero Squadron. Check out for details.

Some of the added features they are looking to add are….

  • A Green Roof,
  • Enhanced Recycling,
  • Solar,
  • Herb Gardens,
  • Free Meeting Space for Civic Associations and Student Groups,
  • Blues Jams,
  • Wine Tastings and Wine Dinners,
  • A Showcase for Local Musicians,
  • and Lots More!

Any RTCP readers been there? Thoughts?

14 thoughts on “College Perk replacing 94th?”

  1. I only went to the Perk a few times but I always found it a fun place to listen to some music in a relaxing atmosphere. The 94th would be a ideal location for them. Lots of room out back for drum circles.

  2. My heart wants the Perk to come back, but my head is thinking, oy, that’s an awfully big place to run, and it’s not near any kind of commercial district (and it’s an awkward little hike from the campus or even the Metro). Why not a smaller storefront to start with?

    1. Good Point G-belt Gal. I always wondered why they did not find a locale within walking distance to campus. I would think that would do better.

  3. Ok the folks who ran the original place had issues with confronting the basic reality of doing business, like getting permits and paying taxes and rent with without getting all sorts of wacky. If they even manged to start up I doubt they have the ability to function over the long term. Due to their established track record of not being able to rationally function within the base line realm of the business world I’d say this is a losing proposition.

  4. G-belt Gal and say it ain’t so both have great points here.

    I tried to bring up some of the ownership’s past failures with a friend of mine who is a big fan of The Perk. He’s convinced they’ve learned from their mistakes. I’m not.

    Especially when it comes to something this ambitious.

    I wish them the best in making this happen, but at the same time, I’d much rather see Lasicks open in the 94th space, although I’ve heard that the chances of a new Lasicks are very slim due to desire to retire to Florida…

  5. I think someone should revive the old theme. It seems it would be a very nice Italian or Steakhouse restaurant. It has the perfect location for it.

  6. To say it ain’t so:

    If you are going to malign others, please have the courage to post your name. While you’re at it, tell us how many businesses you successfully operate.

  7. I’m always amused when people who have never operated a successful restaurant hold forth on the business savvy of those who have. Before the Perk became the target of a scam foreclosure company, it successfully operated for nearly five years, employed at one time or another over 200 people, and paid over 120 grand each year in taxes. By all measures it was a successful venture before it closed (first by a small fire, and then by the aforementioned scam foreclosure folks).

    But here’s the main point – the Perk, while it was open, was a bastion of culture, community, and eclectic silliness in the College Park region (as well as a great economic engine). The city is a far poorer place without it – literally and figuratively – and if it can come back in any form, in any manner, even if you (gasp) have to travel a tiny bit to get there, that would be a very good thing.

  8. I must agree with both Shea and R Edwards. The PERK was always a successful and most importantly growing business venture. Where, GBGirl, is there a place “close to campus” that a local, independent coffee house and restaurant could possibly set up shop with adequate parking, a large floor plan and a full kitchen? In fact, the 94th may be a BETTER location than the PERK’s original location. Just imagine, the PERK’s owners did what they did with a hundred-year-old house, what could they accomplish with a purpose-built restaurant!? Not to mention that the 94th property is located close to the Metro, to which there are frequent Shuttles.

    At the end of the day, The PERK was one of College Park’s signature establishments. If it moves into 94th Aero The PERK could become a prominent feature of Prince George’s County while transforming an underutilized property into a happening place. Go to the website (, sign the petition and know that you’re doing something good for the Community.

  9. I had some great times at the Perk when it first opened, though I stopped going there when it seemed the owners forgot how to run a clean establishment. The old sofas were a neat touch when it first opened, but after a couple of years, they needed cleaning and they smelled really bad. The place became downright dirty over the years.

    I wish them luck in opening a new location, as I believe their business truly contributed something unique to College Park. I just hope that part of their “learning experience” will be to focus on running things well, not running lots of different events poorly. When a place says they are going to be a music venue, a coffee house, have wine tastings, fine dining, and everything in between, I begin to worry. Trying to be everything for everyone is admirable, but is usually unprofitable.

  10. Shea, The Perk employed over 200 workers because of its enormous turnover rate. Chris had no respect for his employees, so people either were fired or quit withing 6 months. Though The Perk could have been a great gathering place for college minds, it became gentrified and ultimately tried too hard to be “cool.” Before I would be willing to support the reopening of The Perk, I think that Chris would need to rethink his approach to his employees.

    I also feel that the location is less than ideal for The Perk. I agree with Matt C and I think that the ultimate demise of The Perk (again) would be unfitting to be next to a national landmark such as the airport.

  11. I heard a rumor that an announcement will be coming this Monday on the new restaurant for this location.

    My hunch is Frankins from Hyattsville will open something there.

    Can’t wait to find out!

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