Connector Road Letter

We finally received a response (PDF) from Maryland’s State Highway Administration about the proposed “Terrapin Parkway”. Unfortunately the letter provides little, if any, new information on the project (the response also took about 6 weeks).

The Diamondback reported last week about a letter that university President Dan Mote sent to the City Council stating his continued support for the project. Needless to say, the letter didn’t go over well at last Tuesday’s council meeting. We’ll post Mote’s letter and our analysis as soon as we can get our hands on it.

>> SHA letter to us 11/8/2006 (PDF)

>> Our Connector Road Page (including previous studies)

Connector Road drawing

3 thoughts on “Connector Road Letter”

  1. What option have they selected?

    Why run it via a new right of way instead of the available space within the PEPECO right of way?

    And has any thought been given to shifting this increased traffic along Adelphi Road away from the houses via a widening to the north and making the existing southbound roadway local access?

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