Could $20-Per-Gallon Gas be Good for College Park?

Remember the $4 per gallon price of last summer? What if it were $20? A new book by Chris Steiner ponders that very question. There is a interesting podcast on NPR with the author.

The price of Gas affects almost everything in our lives. How many of you changed your habits somewhat when gas was $4 per gallon? What would be the demand for the Purple line be if gas was say $6 per gallon?

The changes to our society will begin at $6 per gallon and continue on from there, affecting things far beyond the kinds of cars we drive and how often we drive them. America’s obesity rate will fall. Mass transit will spread across the country. Plane graveyards will overflow. We’ll lose the option to cheaply travel by plane, but high-speed train networks will slowly snake state to state.

Most of the development on CP right now has the focus of moving students closer to campus. When gas prices do eventually creep back up those living and working close to campus could stand to reap the benefits. There is no doubt that spikes in price at the pump can really hurt, however there is a very large upside when people actually begin to change habits.