County to City: “It’s your Fault”


Sounds like the County official Andre’ Issayans, deputy director of the county Department of Public Works and Transportation, has decided to just blame the City for the safety problems with the Paint Branch Crossing. (The Diamondback)

…county officials blamed College Park for what they called an unsafe location for the crosswalk — a location the city had lobbied for to make the hiker-biker trail possible.

“That crossing should not have been there. It was the wrong place for it, and College Park pushed for it,” Issayans said.

It’s much safer for pedestrians and bicyclists to cross a highway at a signalized intersection, he said, and he recommended they instead cross Paint Branch Parkway at Route 1 to the west or at the fire station to the east.

Are you serious?

Mr. Issayans really believes folks should go 2000 feet out of their way to cross at Route 1? I’m sure from behind the windshield of a car 2000 feet isn’t very far but it will NOT happen on foot or on bike.  Also, the crossing MUST go exactly where it is because this is the original path for the trolley. Any other location would have been ridiculous. I am glad the city pushed for the current location for the crossing. Why is it that pedestrians/cyclist are ALWAYS forced to make concessions for the all mighty automobile.

WashCycle has another post on the same subject appropriately titled “You made your crosswalk, now you have to die in it.”

According to Issayans the current Federal guidelines call for  100 or more pedestrians crossing per hour for at least four hours or at least 190 for any one hour, plus fewer than 60 gaps in traffic per hour. When the county last studied pedestrian traffic at the crosswalk several years ago, traffic engineers observed only around 30 pedestrians over several hours.

As pointed out in WashCycle these are just guidelines. One would think that another guideline should be 3 serious accidents in 3 months would also qualify. The county needs to just bite the bullet and install a activated red light.

View Issayans Bike Path in a larger map

6 thoughts on “County to City: “It’s your Fault””

  1. Also, note from the photo that the north side of Paint Branch Parkway does NOT have sidewalks, so 2,000 feet of that detour would be made on the shoulder of a busy street.

    That sounds a lot safer.

    I just love living in PG County.

  2. The original County plans for Paint Branch Parkway presented to the City in about 1992-1993 did not provide for a sidewalk at all from Route 1 to the Metro Station. Unfortunately, the City did not acquire the Trolley Trail right-of-way until about 1997, so no provision for the future trail was made in 1993. The two pedestrian bridges on the trail, to the north of the road, were not installed until about 2001, so pedestrian traffic was nonexistent before the bridges weere installed.

  3. Before those bridges were there a buddy and I ran a loop whereby we would shimmy across the old girders that were there. We called it our IronMan. 🙂 Then at the next crossing we would jump across rocks. Fun stuff.

  4. I agree there ought to be a light at the intersection. I don’t think it would be a serious impediment to driver: I’ve only seen someone waiting to cross there once so far, and I drive through there pretty often.

    Bob, I love the detail you provided about the county not planning on a sidewalk from Rt 1 to the Metro station. We’re so hostile to motor vehicles that we’ve turned Berwyn into an unwelcoming maze to keep people from even thinking of trying to drive through it, yet the simple things that would get people out of cars to walk to points of interest and necessity don’t occur to planners.

    Sorry for the bit of a rant. I guess a constructive comment would be that this site continues to be important to our community.

  5. Ok traffic flow vs. pedestrians/bike flow is simply far beyond shameful and far beyond logic in the D.C. Metro region. The behavior of some drivers in their interaction with pedestrians/bikes is beyond shameful, highly illogical if not sociopathic at times here in our region.

    We as a region need a refreshing of the set rules. Starting with combined D.C. metro region traffic law enforcement of zero tolerance in regards to motor vehicles violating pedestrian and biker rights of way together with installing exceedingly well designed crossings and points of egress for pedestrian/bikes. A positive bit of social reprogramming might create a safer norm. Any action is good but short of a region wide aggressive planning and enforcement action I believe our situation will remain as it stands to day. A chaotic cacophony of callous and crushing vehicular chaos.

    While the Paint Branch crossing was under construction I saw that an unfortunate student in a Honda Civic who rear-ended and plowed undrer the back of a construction vehicle being use in the construction of the crossing. Needles to say I felt that it was a bad omen for the crosswalk.

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