DC United in College Park?

With plans to build DC United’s new soccer stadium on Poplar Point in Anacostia (DC) in shambles, Maryland officials are now vying for a chance to build the facility in PG county. The team is interested in “two locations in College Park”, according to a Washington Post article two days ago, but County Executive Jack Johnson wants it near the New Carrollton or Greenbelt (as part of that county redevelopment boondoggle) Metro stations. This seems to be a similar chain of events that brought the Redskins new stadium to Landover…

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  1. FedEx Field is spurring a lot of good development in the area. Though it took a while. Consider Wegmens, Copelands (my favorite restaurant), Captital on the BLvd or whatever you call it, and the soon to be redeveloped Landover Mall. Though I have problems finding out where in College Park they can plop a 31,000 seat stadium (must be a big field behind some trees or somewhere). Personally, I think Greenbelt is an excellent location. It has direct access to the beltway and the green line. It may not sit well with potential Greenbelt Station residents. It would spur the remake of Beltway Plaza. New Carrollton is ok but that area already has the PG Sports Complex and FedEx field nearby. On a scale of one to ten, here is my vote for the three locations.

    Greenbelt 8
    New Carrollton 5
    College Park 3

  2. maybe down near the CP airport or M Square? I just cant think of a large enough parcel. Unless the demolish a lot of the junk that sits just east of PB Pkwy between the road itself and the airport…..would be good for East Campus

    whats going on with that large swath of land on the north side of Univ Blvd, just over the border from CP into G’Belt (it would be on your left as you drive east out 193 as if you were going to Beltway Plaza) when I was a student i think it was a concrete plant or something. Is that all part of the GB Metro Center development?

  3. Kevin,

    That large swath of land is the new Greenbelt Station development. http://www.greenbeltstation.com/ BIG plans for retail. I think it’s around 1 million sq ft of retail. Townhomes, etc. A few years back people were comparing it to upscale shopping centers like Tysons COrner and Pentagon City for the retail portion. It is supposed to very upscale. I’m not sure what their plans are now, but the have been clearing the land. I believe they are supposed to deliver some townhomes by this fall.

  4. There was a proposal floating around five years ago to put a soccer stadium at the I-95 stub. I think the thinking was that the associated parking could serve double duty for UM satellite parking when there were no games happening. Perhaps this has been reactivated?

  5. At Iowa State, stadium parking lots are used as free park-and-ride lots during school days with a frequent circulator bus to and from campus. I’m not sure about the specific demands for more or less commuter parking vs. just improved transit for commuters, but a shared lot for commuters and occasional events is definitely a lot more efficient and environmentally-sensible than having a huge lot solely for large events.

  6. From my limited familiarity with College Park it doesn’t seem to me there is a lot of extra space for another large sports venue (aside from the existing UM facilities). With the limited area of the city I would think areas left to be developed or redeveloped could serve better uses than a large, most-likely sprawling stadium complex. The suggestions for Greenbelt or New Carrolton locations seem reasonable and would get it into PG County still.

  7. Isnt all that land around the I-95 stub the USDA research facility? Funny, folks are outraged by the mere thought of using the stub to connect to campus – “The Campus Connector” (to funnel traffic off of a ridiculously choked Rte 1) so my hunch is putting a stadium there will “go over like a lead balloon”

  8. The priority seems to be to put the stadium at a metro stop. You could probably squeeze it somewhere around M-square, but Greenbelt Metro seems like the obvious place to do it given its proximity to the beltway and huge swaths of open land. I’m just not sure Mr. Dernoga and the county are on the same abbreviated timeline as DC United. They’ve been bungling the greenbelt station redevelopment for over 10 years…..

  9. I’m still puzzled why the parking lot in Hyattsville on the north side of the UTC has not come up as a potential spot. The space is larger than Cole and they already have resturants, a pub on the way, and parking garages. Near a Metro too and would really anchor the UTC.

  10. The local roads couldn’t support it. Also, that’s a tight fit. I’m not sure that lot is big enough for a 30,000 seat stadium. Then you have the neighborhood to worry about. Parking on neighborhood streets. Drunken fans walking back to their cars driving in your neighborhood. Also, where would 30,000 fans park? The Mall? The high school? UM? There’s no place to put the approximately 1,500 to 2,000 cars on game day? That’s over 10 people per vehicle. It’s just too small a space. You could possibly fit the stadium in and that’s it.

  11. Jeuill

    I agree that it is a tight fit, but it has the space and is bigger than Byrd Stadium if they would use a similar Horseshoe design. The parking at UTC is 1455 in lot A, 1150 in lot B, and 625 in what will be lot C. Plus Metro has over a 1000, the metro shops add 500+, the new Marriott will have 600, and that isn’t even taking the Mall into account. They could always cut a deal to upgrade the lot C or with the Mall to add a garage. Yes it won’t have street parking, but I don’t think many of the places they are proposing will. I’m just thinking that I can picture it being a place that Hyattsville would embrace the thought, UTC would have a great draw, and DCU could move quickly to have a home that has bars, resturants, hotels, and a metro within a stones throw of the stadium.

  12. For those following this story:

    It sounds like DC United owners are looking to sign an agreement in about 2 weeks for either an area near the Greenbelt metro or New Carrolton metro, if the DC Popular Point redevelop group is not selected and an agreement can not be reached with the Popular Point redevelopers.

    A Greenbelt metro selection should certainly be of interest to RTCP.

  13. DC United’s new soccer stadium should be built in Maryland, specifically the PG County area. As Comptroller Peter Franchot notes in his interview with the Washington Post, a new soccer stadium in Maryland “would attract fans and tourists from throughout the region. . . . The enormous tax revenues generated on game nights alone would provide an enormous benefit.” Franchot’s statement is completely accurate in regards to the economic benefits of a new stadium in Maryland. As we see in the case of Fed Ex Field stadium (a Maryland Stadium housing a DC Sports Team), the home of the Washington Redskins, Prince George’s County in 2006 took in approximately $10 million. This does not include the $8 million the stadium took in from admission and amusement taxes (Source: Washington Post). These figures serve the purpose of giving us an idea as to the potential fiscal benefits of housing yet another DC sports team in the state of Maryland.
    Aside from monetary gains, the move to P.G. County will tremendously improve the quality of life, as well as to remedy the lackluster public education system currently plaguing the county. Currently, the Prince George’s County Public Education system finishes second to last in relation to the other counties in Maryland; with Baltimore City School’s being the worst. What is even more frightening is the fact that high school graduates from the county usually need remediation in basic arithmetic functions. According to data reports coming from “College Performance of New Maryland High School Graduates — Student Outcome and Achievement Report,” about 38% of graduates from a Prince George’s County high school in 2000 needed remediation in math.
    Along with education, the quality of life in the county is among the worst in the state compared to wealthier counties such as Howard and Montgomery. In fact, the median income of new residents coming into the county continues to be significantly lower than the incomes of previous residents that end up leaving. According to the Washington Post, “The median adjusted incomes of all households moving into Prince George’s ranged from $23,900 to $27,100.” Comparatively speaking, the income of those moving out of the county “ranged from $28,000 to $30,400.” For this reason, the need for an economic stimulus via a new stadium is needed to help the county prosper.
    Prince George’s County Executive, Jack B. Johnson, also seems to agree with my sentiments. Johnson notes the following in regards to the proposed stadium: “The new D.C. United stadium . . . would be a tremendous addition to our county, bringing not only great economic benefit but adding significantly to the identity of Prince George’s County, and enhancing the lifestyle our residents and visitors enjoy.” I also agree with Johnson and his decision to potentially build the stadium near the Metro Stations in New Carrolton or Greenbelt, oppose to Maryland officials representing DC United wanting to build the stadium near College Park. First of all, College Park is a disaster in terms of traffic to and from campus. On top of that, the proposed Purple Line by the Maryland Transit Authority is already said to already bring in even more commuters/students/outsiders to our campus and hence an increase in activity. A proposed stadium in the town will inevitably become a nightmare for residents already burdened by rowdy college students. Additionally, the proposed development of East Campus is also in the works and will transform College Park into a large urban suburban college town. Once again, the inclusion of a stadium in the area will only complicate an already afflicted town that is struggling to find housing for its students and residents. For these reasons, I agree with Jack Johnson and his proposed plan to bring DC United to New Carrolton or Greenbelt.
    With the prospects of a new soccer stadium, Prince George’s County can finally provide for improvements in the public educational system and the quality of life for its county residents.

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