Details Emerge About ‘Mosaic’ Project

Mosaic at Turtle Creek - South ElevationMosaic at Turtle Creek - Ilustrative Site Plan

The Mosaic at Turtle Creek project is a 300-unit luxury condominium project proposed for an undeveloped lot located roughly behind the Hillel building on Mowatt Lane, near the Business School. The city voted last week to approve the re-zoning required for the lot, and if the Prince George’s County Planning Board (PGCPB) approves the re-zoning the developer will return to both bodies for final project approval. Although relatively early in the approval process, a variety of documents are available about plans for this site.

Mosaic at Turtle Creek - East ElevationWe just uploaded two documents related to the project submitted to the PGCPB in PDF format. The first is a letter from University Vice President for Administrative Affairs John Porcari (PDF) officially endorsing the project as consistent with the university’s facilities master plan. The second is from the developer Thomas Farasy (PDF) explaining the concept for “intergenerational housing” at the site. He notes the building will provide an opportunity to own a residence near the university for “alumni of all ages,” and “For faculty, current and retired, it provides a price alternative to live near the University in new housing for under $1,000,000.” Mosaic at Turtle Creek - Site Vicinity MapHe adds that “this is not an age-restricted community.” He describes the amenities offered as including a “sauna, a resistance pool, wine cellar, and virtual concierge services.”

Two additional items are linked from the PGCPB agenda, the staff reccomendation for the re-zoning and a PDF of the submitted images. Click any of the illustrations here for a larger view. What do you think of the project?