Domain Project Area Charrette STARTS WEDNESDAY

Located at the Corner of Campus Drive and Mowatt Lane, the Domain Project Area encompasses a series of mostly vacant properties just adjacent to campus near Van Munching Hall – the home of UMD’s business school. The project area includes Mosaic at Turtle Creek and The Domain at College Park – a proposed 5-story luxury multi-family building with 250 residential units and 5,000-10,000 square feet of retail. The Hanover Company will be the developer of the Domain project and market the it to graduate students, young professionals, visiting professors, and empty nesters similar to the way Mosaic is planned to be marketed.

Attend the charrette sessions this Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday to learn about development plans, explore planning issues in this particular area, define a vision for future development, and interact with other stakeholders. See this PDF for scheduling information.