Downtown Guide Updated

Downtown MapWhile we’re busy dreaming about the new businesses that could come to the mixed use buildings on Route One and East Campus, for the time being most College Park residents are stuck with what we’ve got in downtown. Downtown contains over 70 storefront businesses offering tacos, transistors, tea, and textbooks.

The downtown guide includes the phone numbers and location of all businesses, as well as the city’s car and bike parking facilities. Print copies are available at City Hall.

>> Downtown College Park Guide (PDF)

3 thoughts on “Downtown Guide Updated”

  1. Aww. Well, as long as East Campus won’t be happening until after I graduate, I have no real choice but to wax romantic about the beauty of Route 1. Oh, sweet, sweet Route 1. How many times I have I dodged a car while crossing your five lanes . . .

  2. Why the heck isn’t there a restaurant in downtown CP where I can spend $40 or $50 for two people for dinner with good food and service? Chinese? Thai? Japanese? Indian? Heck, I’d even take burgers (just not again at Applebees). How many thousands of decently paid university faculty and staff, let alone other area professionals, would like more such choices? What is the town of College Park doing to attract them?

  3. How many thousands of decently paid university faculty and staff…

    Please, please define ‘decently paid.’ I know few who could afford such a dinner except on rare special occasions.

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