Duncan to Discuss Purple Line Tonight

University Vice President for Administrative Affairs Doug Duncan will present the Prienkert Drive alignment of the Purple Line tonight, Monday, February 18th, at the SGA meeting at 6:00 p.m. in the Prince George’s Room of Stamp Union. All interested students are encouraged to attend.

We also noticed a presentation PDF from the MTA posted to the SGA website featuring some additional details about the various alignments being studied by the MTA.

Our Campus Drive alignment petition now has over 220 signers.

One thought on “Duncan to Discuss Purple Line Tonight”

  1. So what happened at the meeting?
    Some observations from the handout – 5,500 cars to be eliminated from campus drive (if it is closed to private vehicles). That is 7 cars per minute. Some buses being eliminated too.

    200 purple line trains being added – 1 vehicle every 4 minutes.
    Sounds like a net gain for the bike & ped environment.

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