East Campus Design Presentation Thursday

This Thursday FP/Argo will present images and renderings of where the East Campus project stands at a meeting this Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at the University of Maryland Golf Course. We were told by a member of the development team they hope to file a Detailed Site Plan with the County in July.

This meeting is an opportunity for the public to review the plans before they enter the formal county approval process.

> East Campus Open House, Thursday, June 19th, UMCP Golf Course, 7:30 PM

8 thoughts on “East Campus Design Presentation Thursday”

  1. Do you know if the renderings will be available online after the meeting? I am not sure if I will be able to make it.

  2. We’ll do our best to get them. In the past they’ve posted them to their website and/or we posted them here.

  3. Sorry, but where exactly is the Golf Course? Is there a map online where I can find it and that building?

    Thanks very much,


  4. anyone know if will this be the same info as what has been presented in previous meetings to date – or will this be newer more update info and renderings?

  5. I emailed the contact for the UMD press release and she said

    “.. the designs have evolved considerably since the steering committee meetings.”

  6. I asked one of the developers if it is accurate that the pricing for the graduate housing was going to be around $950-1000 a month. The response? “No that is entirely wrong. It’s going to be comprable with area housing, such as the University View.” Which of course is increasing it’s price of rent to around…$900 some dollars! Are we in Manhattan or College Park? He did state that about 500 of the 1500 planned units would be subsidized, but, while the new area should be impressive, will this really attract a better crop of graduate students? It would be interesting to see the prices for housing at our peer institutions, or those we are attempting to become peer institutions with. In any event, they did seem to be highly committed to sustainable development.

  7. I did not realize it that night but looking at the photo of the whole project there does not seem to be any green space within it…or a very limited amount.

    If that is the case then I think that the size of the sidewalks around the buildings will be important if there will be space for sidewalk cafes or some outdoor place where one could sit and rest, perhaps read a book, etc…

    I am hoping at least that the sidewalks would be like the ones in the Ballston or Silver Spring developments where there is enough space where you feel that you are almost on a promenade. The whole effect being that you can feel relaxed walking there and not be concerned about being squished in with other pedestrians or be concerned about having to walk near the street or Route 1.

    I think I may have gotten that sense that it might happen, but if someone from the developer’s are reading these posts. I’d love some feedback on this….Thanks

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