East Campus Gets Its Own Stimulus Package

In the age of multi Billion dollar bailouts and Trillion dollar budgets this story seems almost quaint. The state budget includes $5 million (small m) to defray University relocation costs for East Campus. Several departments must be moved to make way for the development. Some local officials aren’t happy about putting up funds for a project that is still up in the air. However campus officials are confident the project will move forward once financing is in place for the developer. In any case SOMETHING will go on those 38 acres so it makes sense to move ahead with the relocation plans.

“We have to build new facilities on the campus in order to move everybody off the East Campus site, and we need to do it soon,” said Ann Wylie, the university’s vice president for administrative affairs. “We really want to get started on this.”


One thought on “East Campus Gets Its Own Stimulus Package”

  1. I agree. Whether it’s moved now or before construction, it needs to be moved. And I’m not sure why the local officials are so cautious. I think the school, students, College Park, Prince Georges County, and the state wouldn’t mind our flagship university having some umph to its downtown area. It would almost be like treating your first born like a stepchild if nothing was done to develop the area around the university. Especially with so much development going on in surrounding regions. Why should College Park be looked over. Doesn’t make sense. So, I say start the ball rolling by preparing as soon as possible. Development may come sooner than you think. Might as well be prepared for it.

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