East Campus Meetings Tonight, Jan. 28

The next East Campus Community Review Steering Committee meetings will be held tonight (January 14th) and January 28th. Tonight’s meeting will examine parking and transportation issues, and the meeting on the 28th will be concerned with the committee’s overall development principles.

Both meetings will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Prince George’s Room of the Stamp Student Union.

4 thoughts on “East Campus Meetings Tonight, Jan. 28”

  1. I think parking structures with retail at the bottom would be cool. They should also be integrated into the design of the project and not just a tower of drab concrete.

  2. Jeuill – make sure you go on the 28th and share those thoughts. i hope we dont get “artifical” streetscape facades that are thick with that synthetic stucco that is so widely used these days. (drab is putting it nicely) I hope we end up with streetscapes that look organic with a variety of materials including stone and brick. Its important. I think the success of East Campus hinges upon our ability to create something that looks authentic and not artificial. Talk about drab. That would be a shame. We have a classic campus that is timeless in that its beauty is enduring. East Campus needs to be the same. It cant be dated in 20 years. If they go all stucco and glass it will be dated in no time. Speak up and let them know.

  3. Jeuill – you’ll be glad to know most of the parking is integrated into the core of blocks or underground, although there are a couple places in the site plan where there’s parking visible (in the office building, along paint branch) they had some diagrams I will blog about as soon as the powerpoint is uploaded.

  4. I’ll make sure I go to the meeting on the 28th. I’m working full time, getting married, and taking classes. I keep missing them. 🙂 Thanks for the update. It should be interesting to see what they present.

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