‘U’ Releases East Campus RFP

The University has released the first of two formal request for proposal documents on the East Campus development website, and also posted an interesting list of the individuals present at the East Campus developer forum held earlier this month. This “Part A” of the RFP requests a statement of qualifications and some legal paperwork, designed to narrow the pool of developers to only the firms with experience and financial backing for the project. This smaller pool of companies will complete a more detailed “Part B” which will be released in November and due in early January 2007. The university also added this page to the east campus website to help visitors keep track of additions and changes.

>> RFP No. 82465-W – East Campus Redevelopment Initiative Technical/Qualification (PDF)
>> 9/14 Developer Session Attendees (PDF)

6 thoughts on “‘U’ Releases East Campus RFP”

  1. Thats quite a list of attendees to the September 14th meeting. A lot of them have done a lot of good things, both locally and nation wide. Check out some of their websites: Design Collective (www.designcollective.com – previously designed the South Campus Commons), Archstone Smith (www.archstonesmith), PN Hoffman (www.pnhoffman.com), Torti Gallas and Partners (www.tortigallas.com – lots of good new urbanism done), JBG Companies (www.jbg.com)

    Those were just a few that caught my eye, but I’m sure theres lots more. Check ’em out.

  2. I didn’t know that Design Collective did the architecture and urban design for the Baltimore Power Plan.

    I’d like to see some creative adaptive reuse of the old firehouse structure in between the Book Exchange and ZBT.

  3. I’d also like to see a good reuse of the Pocomoke building (build 1946). It fits in well with frat row (constructed between 1914 and 1963) and although it has some less than stellar additions on the back, I think it would be a great location for some sort of 2- floor market/ grocery store. RethinkCP will have the idea up shortly.

  4. I think that with all of the proposed development/redevelopment, there would certainly be market for a grocery store within the East Campus redevelopment zone.

    Although it is obvious that small grocery stores usually set prices higher than the superstores, the type in “hip” urban areas generally offer more niche type products (think co-op type foods), along with attracting a stable customer base due to better personal service.

    The convenience would also be a huge plus for current and future downtown residents, south campus students, and commuters on Route 1.

  5. What about a Whole Foods or Trader Joes? They have the selection a lot of students want, and they’re large enough to be stable in this environment. Something needs to be within walking distance of campus.

  6. Both are certainly suited for inclusion in the redevelopment zone.

    Hate to preach the greatness of Hoboken, but the Kings market there is a great example of mixed-use.

    Only difference is the critical mass of (mostly) DINK yuppies with $$, rather than the critical mass in College Park being college students (generally) without $$ to rely exclusively on a niche type market.

    Nonetheless, I am certain a Trader Joes/Whole Foods/Kings type market could find a stable demand.

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