East Campus Steering Committee Members, Schedule Announced

Yesterday University Vice President for Administrative Affairs Doug Duncan released the list of members of of the East Campus community steering committee that will be participating in a series of topical public meetings this fall. Three of the 40 members are students, and 17 are affiliated with the University of Maryland. The newly update schedule has been added to the sidebar to the right.

For the truly curious, the complete schedule and all 40 committee members are after the jump. This information and other data to support the public process will be posted to the university’s East Campus website.


August 13: University of Maryland-College Park, Visitors’ Center
Kickoff Meeting

September 4: University of Maryland-College Park, Marie Mount 0100
Existing Site, Relocations, Environmental Stewardship

• Existing site conditions
• Relocation facilities and relocation sites
• Environmental issues and sustainable design
o Green building, sustainable design, LEED certification
o Floodplain impacts, stormwater management, drainage design
o Construction fill, brownfield, other environmental due diligence
• Power Plant
o Noise
o Power plant safety for nearby residents/visitors
o Environmental concerns
• College Park Airport flightpath restrictions
• Handicapped Accessibility

September 20: University of Maryland-College Park, Marie Mount 0100
Uses and Market Feasibility

• Residential
o Size, mix, relationship to other housing developments and plans
o Second phase housing relationship to neighborhood
o Will condos be in the mix?
• Retail
o market, including existing and planned
o chains vs. character
o threat to Old Town retail

• Office
• Hotel
• Childcare
• Schools for residents’ families on-site
• Linkages to North College Park communities and development on Route 1 to Beltway
• Relationship to other area development
• Project boundaries: are they flexible? E.g., can the Fraternity Row “gap” or Rossborough Inn be included
• How project will support University’s goal of attracting top students and employees

October 8: University of Maryland-College Park, Marie Mount 0100
Transportation and parking

• Traffic generation study
o Adequate capacity? Overload?
o Accommodate demand for modes and nodes that may shift over time
• Car and transit transportation plan
o Transit plans; Purple Line
o ShuttleUM: integrate with local bus transit
• Traffic intersections
• Bicycle, pedestrian plan
• Parking
o Bike/segway parking
• Tie to Metro station
• Tie to M Square
• Access to existing neighborhoods
• Will the project/University support Route 1 improvements north and south of East Campus
• Route 1 – what changes or improvements can be incorporated into the project

October 22: University of Maryland-College Park, Marie Mount 0100
Economic Impact, Financing, Land Use and Design

• Economic impact study
• Community impacts and benefits
o Taxes: what revenue to City
• Public finance options
• Land use process
o Density/Height
• Design: what style(s) appropriate?
• Create a unique identity, authentic
• Create variety of architecture
• Security arrangements/responsibility for police and public safety/new police force

October 29: University of Maryland-College Park, Marie Mount 0100
Overall consensus building and conclusion

Committee Members
(As of August 22)

Ms. Gloria Aparicio Blackwell
Assistant to VP for Community Relations, University of Maryland

Dr. Linda Clement
VP for Student Affairs, University of Maryland

Mr. Brian Darmody
Assoc. VP for Outreach and Economic Development, Division of Research, University of Maryland

Mr. Doug Duncan
Vice President for Administrative Affairs, University of Maryland

Dr. Nariman Farvardin
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, University of Maryland

Dr. Kenneth G. Holum
Professor & Director, Department of Physics, University of Maryland

* Mr. Rob Goodspeed
Graduate Student, University of Maryland
Editor of RethinkCollegePark blog

Dr. Patricia Mielke
Assistant VP, Division of Student Affairs, University of Maryland

Dr. William Montgomery
Professor, School of Music, University of Maryland

* Ms. Laura Moore
President, Graduate Student Government, University of Maryland

Dr. Garth Rockcastle
Dean, School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation, University of Maryland

Mr. Ross Stern
Assistant to the President, Legislative and Community Relations, University of Maryland

Mr. Millree Williams
Director, University Communications, University of Maryland

Mr. Don Wolfe
Assistant Director, Network Telecommunications, University of Maryland

Dr. Ann G. Wylie
Assistant President and Chief of Staff, University of Maryland

Mr. Chris Aubry
Research Coordinator, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Maryland

Mr. John Brown
Owner, R. J. Bentley’s
Member of Downtown College Park Management Authority

Ms. Wendy Child

Mr. Robert Day
President, College Park Estates Civic Association
Member of Coll Park Advisory Planning Commission

Mr. Monroe Dennis
President, Lakeland Civic Association

Mr. Charles A. Dukes
Chairman, Scheer Partners (real estate cnsltg)

* Mr. Andrew Friedson
President, Student Government Association

Mr. Morgan Gale
President, Calvert Hills Citizen’s Association

Mr. James Garvin
Member of College Park Airport Authority

Mr. Ken Glover
Senior Vice President, PNC Capital Markets

Mr. Clay Gump
Telecommunications Engineer, Center for the Advanced Study of Language, University of Maryland

Ms. Kiersten Johnson
Macro International
Member of North College Park Citizens Association

Mr. Richard MacPherson

Mr. Jim McFadden
Member of College Park Advisory Planning Commission

Mr. Mark Montroll

Mr. Harry Pitt
Member of Berwyn District Civic Association

Ms Irene Redmiles
Acting Assistant Vice President for Real Estate, University of Maryland

Mr. Leo Shapiro
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of Maryland

Mr. John P. Shoaff
University Park

Mr. Jim Soltesz
President & CEO, Loiederman Soltesz Associates

Mr. Marc Stauffer

Ms. Anissa Sunday

Mr. Richard Wagner

Ms. Bridget Warren
University Park Resident