Gear up for Maryland Day!

Maryland Day 2009

There is just no excuse not to take part in all the great things going on for Maryland Day.

With hundreds of neat events to choose from look after the break to see just a few events right up the RTCP alley.

  • City of College Park – You Are Here! McKeldin Mall-Tent-City of College Park

    Welcome to the city of College Park, home of the University of Maryland. Meet city government officials, civic organizations and regional recreation tourist agencies. Learn about local services, resources and points of interest.

  • Lakeland Community Heritage Project Woods Hall, Front Lawn

    The Lakeland Community Heritage Project is dedicated to preserving the story of Lakeland – a historic African-American community northeast of the University of Maryland campus in College Park, MD. Lakeland residents have overcome the legacies of racism and discrimination to play vital roles in the evolution of College Park, the University of Maryland, and many other local communities.

  • A Pictorial History of the University of Maryland (1856-present)

    Foyer Morrill HallĀ Other Inside Location
    Step inside Morrill Hall (ca. 1898), recently renovated under the sponsorship of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, to experience the 150 year history of the University of Maryland through pictures. Our exhibit displays the growth of the campus, including the social and cultural changes at the university decade by decade.

  • Bubbles! McKeldin Mall-College Tent-College of Education

    Learn about the science of bubbles. Meet student members of Kappa Delta Pi and hear them explain how bubbles are formed and why they float. While there, have a little fun and blow some bubbles of your own.

Who doesn’t like bubbles Right? Bubbles are cool.