Grand Opening for New Parking Garage

New City Parking Garage (KNOX RD VIEW)

Finally those circling in front of Chipotle’s looking for a parking space will have a new option. The Grand opening for the new Parking Garage will be on Wednesday, August 5, 2009, at 4:00 p.m. The garage provides 288 parking spaces plus 5,800 square feet of ground floor retail space. No word on if there will be free burritos.

Prince George’s County Councilmember Eric Olson…. “The parking garage with retail space was envisioned many years ago and has been in the works for nearly a decade,” says Olson. “It will contribute greatly to strengthening College Park’s downtown and redevelopment efforts.”

Mayor Brayman and the College Park City Council will host a dedication ceremony and reception on the fourth floor of the parking garage. The City’s new public parking garage is located in the heart of downtown at the corner of Knox Road and Yale Avenue, across from City Hall.

9 thoughts on “Grand Opening for New Parking Garage”

  1. I’ll come from Greenbelt to shop at a Trader Joe’s 🙂 Hopefully the garage will help spur more development.

  2. RE: Concerned Citizen.
    I have no idea who will be moving into the retail space. However since this is a City owned building I think it would make great sense to reserve at least some of the space for small locally owned businesses.

  3. The City is in negotiations with a locally owned small buisness to lease the entire space. Look for an announcement soon.

  4. A grocery store generally needs to be at least 14,000 square feet in size. However, Trader Joe stores are generally in the 10,000 to 12,000 square foot size, with about an 8,000 square foot minimum size today, though early on stores in the chain were often smaller in size than that.

    The City’s parking garage has only 5,800 square feet of space for rent, which is less than 1/2 the size of the Terrapin Station retail on Route 1 that was built in 2004.

    Trader Joes or some other grocery store would be integral piece of the East Campus project.

  5. The Diamondback article today says that the city is in final negotiations for the original Ledo’s restaurant to re-locate from Adelphi to the 5,800 sq ft of retail space in the new garage.
    Ratsies had better look out! Decent pizza is on the way!

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