Jefferson Square Project


For whatever reason we never posted about the Jefferson Square project which is approved and slated for construction on a large wooded parcel just northeast of the 193-Route 1 interchange. It includes 160 units in a 5-story building on top of 41,540 square feet of retail. It transitions into the nearby neighborhood with 45 townhouse units directly to the east. The project faced quite a bit of community opposition when it was originally proposed (237 apartments and 8 townhomes). Community concerns were largely responsible for sending it back to the design phase and to the eventual smaller overall plan. The expected owner occupancy requirement is 80%. Read the detailed site plan here.


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  1. The vast majority of the City’s recommendations are recommended by Park & Planning staff for adoption by its Board. Recommendations which venture outside of its comfort zone to enforce or it cannot legally require are not part of its decision. Owner-occupancy requirements are in the latter category.

  2. This is on the old Mandalay Cafe property across from College Perk, correct? Any idea when construction will begin, and how long it will take?

  3. Yes, that is its location. It is a 4.75 acre site with narrow frontage on Route 1. The Planning Board’s notice of project approval was issued on December 5th. Parties have 30 days to appeal the decision. If no party appeals (my expectation), JPI can begin the design work necessary to obtain building permits.

    Permits will take about 7 to 8 months, so construction should commence in fall 07. The construction timeframe is about 15 to 18 months. Some occupancy may be possible by mid 2008. That is my recollection of what I was told a few months ago.

  4. Would this project be just north of Univ Blvd but just south of the Ramada Inn/Howard Johnson? (where the old Univ Donuts and cell phone stores used to be)

    or will the Ramada/Ho Jos get torn down?

  5. Thanks for this great website! For what it’s worth, the original proposal for this project was about 300 apartments and no townhouses. It would have been a hideous monolith. The plan with 8 TH was better but not good enough. The current plan seems like something we could live with. I certainly hope so.

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