Kitt’s Music Building Up For Sale

Located directly in front of the Mazza Grandmarc the iconic Kitt’s Music store and headquarters is up for sale. This 38,000 square foot building is a mix of office, retail, and warehouse space. ┬áLet the speculation begin! You can see the flyer for the property HERE.

6 thoughts on “Kitt’s Music Building Up For Sale”

  1. That would be an excellent location to push retail to the street and have parking in back. Even connecting it to the retail that MG is proposing.

  2. this will be zoned mix-use commercial, 2-6 stories when the sector plan passes. not sure if potential buyers would want to knock down the large improvements on this parcel, but it definitely presents an interesting once in forever opportunity for the Mazza developer to consolidate route 1 frontage and build something large and to the street. right now they are looking at building a small 10,000 SF retail building which they are required to construct in the next 2 years. on the record they are vying to purchase route 1 frontage lots to the north so they can access the stoplight they paid for at Hollywood Road, but if they buy Kitts they could conceivably do something much larger and really frame the street and public space in northern CP. i’m skeptical that that could really come together. it’s difficult to pull off multiple transactions like that and i doubt the city would embrace more grad student housing there. student housing is really the only large product that could be financed up there right now and it’s zoned to be predominantly non-residential.

  3. This is one of the brokers talking. it is for sale. We’d love to hear ideas from the community on what they think would work there. Obviously zoning and price requirements affect what can be done, but we’re open to marketing to any type of user and/or investor.

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