Know Your Plans: Route 1 Sector Plan

Rt 1 SectorPlan MapIn addition to writing about proposed projects and policy debates, we occasionally describe some of the planning documents that regulate and direct growth in College Park. Today, we take a look at one of the most important documents to city development.

The Route 1 Sector Plan is a formal planning document adopted by the county in 2002 that officially re-zoned much of the land along Route 1 from downtown College Park to the beltway for dense, mixed-use projects designed to allow for development and encourage bicycling and walking.

It also includes detailed design information intended to help guide developers and architects creating projects in the area. Although the University is not legally required to seek county approval, they have specifically suggested the East Campus design should be in accordance with the plan.

We recently created a permanent library page showing the boundaries and describing goals of the plan in more detail.

> Library: Route 1 Corridor Sector Plan