Campus Master Plan

What is it?

During the Fall of 2000, President Mote appointed a steering committee to guide the update to the 1991 facilities master plan. Ayers/Saint/Gross, a campus and architecture planning firm, was hired to analyze the present state of the campus facilities and address the physical needs of the campus over the next 20 years. What resulted was the Campus Master Plan and later, the more detailed (with understandable schematics) Aesthetics Guidelines for Campus Development.

What does it say?

The plan envisions maximizing space and concentrating buildings by extending academic facilities and green spaces onto surface parking lots adjacent to central campus. A southwest mall is planned in front of the business school as well as a west mall on what is now Lot 1 will both be defined by new academic and residential buildings. More parking decks will be constructed on the outskirts of campus to limit crosscampus traffic and further facilitate pedestrians. Athletic facilities like Ludwig field, the tennis courts and track, and Shipley field will be moved behind the Comcast Center. A shuttle bus is proposed to quickly carry students, faculty, and visitors as well as further integrate the campus to the regional transit system. The natural environment, the surrounding community, and architectural heritage are all also weighted strongly as outlined by the Master Plan Steering Committee.

Master Plan (West District)

Looking out over present day Lot 1.

Master Plan (Southwest District)

Looking out over South Campus (Van Munching Hall on bottom left).

Master Plan (Northwest District)

Looking out over North Campus.

Master Plan (Northeast District)

Looking out over the Northgate/ Engineering area.

Master Plan  (North District)

Comcast Center/ Proposed ballfields. Parking garage proposed for the bottom right.

Master Plan (Historic Core)

Looking out over East Campus toward McKeldin Mall.

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