“Knox Box” Development District

Knox Boxes

The following is from the City-University Partnership:

Principles for the Redevelopment of the “Knox Box” Area of College Park

The City of College Park and the University of Maryland support the redevelopment of the four-plex units known as the Knox Boxes that are located in the area west of downtown College Park and south of the campus. This area is called sub-area 1a in the US 1 Corridor Sector Plan and is currently developed with a mix of student housing, including the College Park Towers, the Graduate Garden Apartments and the Knox Boxes along with other uses. The city and the university jointly share a vision for how this area could be redeveloped. The College Park City-University Partnership (CPCUP) has a strong desire to influence how development proceeds in the Knox Box area and believes there is an excellent opportunity to work with one or more developers to realize this vision.

The CPCUP encourages developers of the Knox Box area to incorporate the following guiding principles into their plans. The CPCUP is interested in facilitating revitalization efforts in the city and this approach could be a model for guiding other development particularly along the US Route1 corridor. This joint vision includes the following principles:

  • The Knox Box area is a suitable location for maximizing student housing including graduate student housing.
  • A comprehensive redevelopment plan and comprehensive land assembly including use of public agencies such as the Prince George‚Äôs County Redevelopment Authority are encouraged.
  • Residential uses should predominate but some mixed use is acceptable. Commercial development should be concentrated in the downtown area adjacent to the Knox Boxes.
  • The use of structured parking is encouraged and opportunities for shared parking with the downtown area should be explored.
  • Building heights need to be compatible with the surrounding area and should work with the natural topography to minimize negative impacts.
  • This corridor serves as the link between the commercial core and the university. Strong visual and physical connections need to be made with the campus and the downtown area.
  • Special attention should be given to pedestrian access, vehicular and bicycle access and circulation, open space and streetscapes.
  • New development should be subject to real property taxes.
  • The natural environment of Guilford Run should be preserved and further enhanced with plantings, water quality management and pedestrian bridges.