Route 1 Corridor Sector Plan

Rt 1 SectorPlan Map

What is it?

The Route 1 Sector Plan, or, officially “Approved College Park US 1 Corridor Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment,” is a 308-page planning document that was created by the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. Approved in April 2002 after an extensive process involving the community and a variety of stakeholders, it is perhaps the single most important planning document related to College Park development.

What does it do?

In general, the plan changed the zoning laws to encourage dense, mixed-use development along Route 1 in College Park. The plan created a “Development District Overlay Zone” that includes both legal requirements for developers and also establishes an overall vision for the corridor. The plan describes four goals of the Development District Standards:

First, to create an attractive and vibrant gateway corridor leading to The University of Maryland and the City of College Park.

Second, to promote quality development by transforming US 1 into a gateway boulevard, main street, and town center in a pedestrian-and bicycle-friendly environment.

Third, to provide a diverse mix of land uses in compact and vertical mixed-use development forms in appropriate locations along the corridor.

Fourth, to encourage multifamily development to reduce the use of the automobile and
also expand the opportunity for living, working and studying within the corridor.

The plan advises property owners and citizens to consult the sector plan, county zoning ordinance, and landscape manual “to have a full understanding of the regulations for property within the district.”

Route 1 Sector Plan Boundaries

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