Mary Cook Letter Surfaces

We’ve gotten our hands on a letter apparently sent from former CP Mayor (Owens) to registered voters of District 4, which endorses Mary Cook for the January 16th election. We’ll keep it short to risk beating this election to death any more…

It’s impossible to say whether this letter had any effect on the outcome of the election. Mary Cook’s long participation in city politics most likely put her ahead of student Nick Aragon in this not so closely watched race. Nevertheless, we find it to be a concerning town-gown development that deserves attention. The letter certainly pushes the right buttons, conveniently overlooks the facts (every District 4 candidate was staunchly against the Connector Road), and leaves no scare tactic unexploited. It also shows EXPERT use of caps lock and the Microsoft Word bold functionality!

>>> Read Anna Owen’s letter

A low voter turn out (or a widely split vote) can throw the election to the candidate with the generous campaign fund and the strong backing of student voters.